Changing of the cats

English: Buckingham Palace in London Español: ...

English: Buckingham Palace in London Español: Palacio de Buckingham en Londres Galego: Palacio de Buckingham en Londres (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have two cats, strays that have adopted us or vice versa. One stays in at night mostly and the other, depending on the weather, stays out at night mostly. In the morning, we feed the indoor cat and let him out. In comes the outside cat for her breakfast. I call the passing of one cat by the other the changing of the cats. It reminds me of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, London, England.



Wach Auf!

Wach Auf! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I define oomph as get up and go. Of course, there is the old joke that my oomph has got up and gone. Not yet for me, but my oomph is packing its bags and getting ready to depart. Not so fast, I say to my oomph. I’ve still got some living to do and things I want to accomplish before you go. I especially want to help Barack Obama establish a legacy to be proud of.

Hot cat

modern front load tumble dryer, picture taken ...

modern front load tumble dryer, picture taken by Rick Harpenau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of our cats, Gary, likes to explore strange new places, to go where no cat has gone before. He is now spending time in our front loading clothes dryer both before and after we use it. My wife and I must now exercise extra care when drying clothes so that Gary is not caught with the wash accidentally. I tell my wife we must guard against Gary’s curiosity, or there’ll be a hot cat in the old town tonight.

Cat tree part 2

Cat tree finished

Cat tree finished

Our cats love their new cat tree. We are so happy that they are happy. They are clawing the carpet like mad. It is a good thing that we have additional scrap carpeting. I think that we will need it sooner rather than later. So far the cat tree has not grown any more cats.

Gary weighs 18 pounds and when he scratches or climbs to the top of the tree, it rocks. That is the reason for the brace and the bricks at the bottom. Gary is one hefty cat. What do you feed a hefty cat? You give him Hefty Cat, the cat food for hefty cats.

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Cat tree

Cat in tree

Image via Wikipedia

Do cats grow on trees? I guess that we will soon find out. My wife decided to design our own cat tree and I have been assisting in its construction. It’s made of concrete construction forms and scrap plywood. With the addition of carpet remnants and cat toys and a bed for cat naps, it will be finished. Then we will find out if a cat tree will grow cats.

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Cat tree

Cat tree