“Deficits don’t matter,” Dick Cheney

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Deficits matter only when the President is a Democrat. Deficits don’t matter when the President is a Republican.  Let us consider what would happen if by some fluke, the GOP maintains control of the House and wins control of the Senate and the White House in November.

Say goodbye to the safety net, Mitt, and hello to privatized Medicare and Social Security. Prisons will be privately owned and operated and public assets will be sold at bargain basement prices as they were when the former Soviet Union failed. Our military will be stretched to the breaking point with the Global War on Terror becoming a global war, us against most of the rest of the world. The 1% will shrink in numbers and become wealthier as the rest of us become poorer. The 1% may become known as the 0.1% and the 99% as the 99.9%.

Not much to look forward to is it?

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