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English: Official portrait of United States Attorney General Eric Holder Español: Retrato oficial de Fiscal General de los Estados Unidos Eric Holder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The effort to impeach Attorney General Eric Holder is in retaliation for his efforts to block the new and restrictive voter ID laws in Texas. Most of the sponsors of the impeachment are Texas members of the House of Representatives. They will fail in their effort, but regard it as good practice for their 2015 effort to impeach President Obama if the GOP do well in the 2014 elections.

Fire John Boehner

John Boehner - Caricature

John Boehner – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

There must be at least one moderate Republican in the House of Representatives who is willing to put country before party. Let us elect him or her Speaker to replace John Boehner, and let us do that with a few Republican votes and all or mostly all of votes of the Democratic members of the House.

Jobs, jobs, jobs

"Abortion is not Healthcare"

“Abortion is not Healthcare” (Photo credit: brunosan)

Jobs, jobs, jobs is the GOP mantra, at least in the House of Representatives. Yet if that is the case, why does the GOP spend so much time on abortion restrictions? Because they know that abortion restrictions please their base. They also know that the election in November will hinge in large part on the direction of the economy. Therefore, we can look for no actions on their part to stimulate job growth before November. A booming economy will help Barack‘s re-election, while continuing stagnation or slow growth will help Mitt Romney.

Barney Frank

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Barney Frank on the House of Representatives: “It consists half of people who think like Michele Bachmann,” he said, “and half of people who are afraid of losing a primary to people who think like Michele Bachmann.”