Home schooling part 2

Homeschooling in Action

Homeschooling in Action (Photo credit: Robbi Baba)

Rick Santorum home schools and so do millions of other parents. I home schooled my son for one year and I loved the closeness it entailed. However, home schooling is not easy. I would like to know how well prepared home-schooled children are for college and to be good citizens. This is a question I will pursue in the near future and report on my findings.

In particular, I wonder how Rick and his wife are preparing their children. Are they learning to think for themselves or are they learning to repeat some of Rick’s crazy ideas? We in the West criticize the Saudi financed madrassas in Pakistan and elsewhere because the students there learn to memorize the Koran and little else. Does home schooling in the US do a better job preparing children for life than the Muslim madrassas?

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One child

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of California, Santa Barbara (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My wife and I married late, me 35 and she 32, and we waited six years to have a child. We used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy until we were ready. We decided to have only one due to the cost of raising a child and for other reasons I don’t exactly recall. The cost of schooling was a major factor; we used public schools, private schools, home schooling and a good university, UCSB. My son could have lived at home, but chose a campus dorm instead. He got a good education and now is employed making nearly what my wife and I earned combined, both working fulltime. It would have been very difficult to afford that kind of education for two or more children.

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