Hi-speed rail

Photo taken at the National Railway Museum, York.

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Before there was air travel in this country, everyone traveled by rail.The wealthy had their own rail cars and sometimes entire trains, but they traveled on the same rails as the rest of us and usually on the same trains. We will not improve the air travel situation in this country until the wealthy must use the same means of travel as the rest of us.

I propose that instead of tax breaks for private and corporate jets,
that those aircraft be very heavily taxed so that their use is
curtailed until the nation has a completed system of hi-speed rail and
an upgraded system of air travel that works as well as it used to in
the 1970s and 1980s when it was possible to fly on aircraft that were
not filled to bursting. Let the taxation on the use of corporate and
private jets help fund the upgrading of our travel infrastructure just
as the gas tax helps maintain our highways.