My advice to Jon

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Your campaign should adopt the motto, “I’m not Mitt.” You are Mitt’s only serious competitor. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are not serious candidates and Herman Cain will soon implode. The only reason you are not ranking higher in the polls is that the voters do not know you better. You can afford to change that by flooding the airways with ads that trumpet your accomplishments.

During recent years, you have been in government serving the people of Utah and then as US Ambassador to China serving the nation. Talk about what you have done while Mitt has been running for President. Tell us about your vision for the future, and compare and contrast that with what a Romney administration would be like. Approximately 75% of GOP voters are looking for an alternative to Mitt Romney. You’re not Mitt.

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My advice to Herman

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Cover of Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter's Story

My advice to Herman Cain is to admit to whatever you did, apologize for it, and then move on. I am reading Uncovering Clinton by Michael Isikoff and Bill Clinton’s biggest mistake of his presidency was probably refusing to issue an apology to Paula Jones. Of course, he continued his dalliances with others including Monica Lewinsky, because he could not stop or would not stop. The mistake that colored his entire presidency though was his brief attempt to gratify himself with Paula Jones and then his refusal to admit the mistake. We Americans are a forgiving people. Admit your mistakes and apologize. We’ll forgive and maybe forget.

Jon Huntsman

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Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. is the only serious candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. The Republicans owe the country a serious choice between Barack Obama and the loyal opposition. If the GOP does not nominate Huntsman or another serious candidate, they will concede the election to Obama. Now I support Barack, but the political process will be better served by an adult discussion of the issues, rather than the non-issues of the day.


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10 little Republicans

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10 little Republicans
Standing in a line
Tim Pawlenty withdrew
And then there were 9.

9 little Republicans
Swinging on a gate
Chris Christie backed out
And then there were 8.

8 little Republicans
Praying to heaven
Sarah Palin declined to run
And then there were 7.

7 little Republicans
Playing tricks
Ron Paul tripped up
And then there were 6.

6 little Republicans
Shopping online
Newt Gingrich at Tiffany
And then there were 5

5 little Republicans
Entering through a door
Rick Perry let out a snore
And then there were 4.

4 little Republicans
Criticizing Barack
Rick Santorum sneezed
And then there were 3.

3 little Republicans
Out in a canoe
Michele Bachmann overboard
And then there were two.

2 little Republicans
Herman Cain and Mitt Romney
One lost out
And then there was one.

One little Republican
Standing all alone.
Will vote for himself in 2012
Results: 130 Million to one.

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Magic trick

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999 tax reform is a magic trick. Herman Cain is the magician and as in most magic tricks is using misdirection to accomplish his magic. As the voters and the media attempt to determine who will pay how much under the Cain plan, Herman is using misdirection to accomplish the trick, his goal to eliminate capital gains and the inheritance taxes. Why those two taxes? Because the wealthy accumulate their wealth by being taxed less on capital gains than on earned income, income earned by the sweat of their brow. Once the wealthy have accumulated their wealth, they want to pass it on undiminished by inheritance taxes to their heirs. Once upon a time, Americans believed that everyone must start on a level playing field and earn their own way. The wealthy no longer believe that.

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