Filibusters in the US Senate are a particularly effective form of GOP obstruction. Since January 20, 2009 the GOP have threatened to filibuster approximately 360 times. That is an average of almost two per week. It makes me very angry that the Republicans criticize the President for not passing budgets when they are using the filibuster or threat thereof to prevent action on the budget and other proposed laws.

Harry Reid has promised reform of the filibuster in January, 2013, if the Democrats retain control of the Senate. Senators representing red states with small populations can now block the will of the vast majority of Americans who live in blue states. It is time to change that.

Dirty liar

English: Reince Priebus at the Republican Lead...

English: Reince Priebus at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reince Priebus recently called Harry Reid a “dirty liar.” What did he mean by that? In GOP-speak, words frequently mean the opposite of what you and I commonly understand their meaning. Why would Priebus call Reid a clean, speaker of truths? I don’t know his motivation; we would have to ask him and I would not trust his answer.


Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States Hou...

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ripe odor of hypocrisy fills the air with its rotten scent. This morning I saw a blog post from the Right criticizing Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi for not releasing their tax returns while calling on Mitt to release his. While I favor full disclosure from all elected officials and candidates for office, Reid and Pelosi have complied with the law binding them. Only 17 members of Congress out of 535, that is 3%+, have disclosed their taxes as we expect of presidential candidates. That means that Reid and Pelosi are part of the about 97% of Congress who comply with the law, but do no more.

Mitch McConnell

English: Official photo cropped of United Stat...

English: Official photo cropped of United States Senator and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Republican Leader, A Political Biography of Senator Mitch McConnell by John David Dyche is a mostly laudatory detailing of Mitch’s political career. One could consider it a campaign document designed to assist in a difficult re-election campaign, but this biography is more complete and detailed than the typical campaign biography. It was published in 2009 after Mitch won re-election for a fifth term.

The picture it paints of McConnell is of a very savy conservative politician with no ambitions beyond serving his state to the best of his considerable political skills. Since he is a man of principle, his statement that it was the GOP‘s first goal to defeat Obama seems out of character. He has opposed campaign finance reform throughout his career and correctly predicted the rise of the influence of outside money on campaigns. However, I doubt that campaign finance reform laws like McCain-Feingold were the cause as he claims.

McConnell is a man who knows the ways of the Senate and is matched by an equally astute politician in Harry Reid. November will decide if McConnell attains his lifelong goal of attaining his lifelong ambition of Majority Leader. Stay tuned. It should be very interesting whatever the election results.