English: Houston Gun show at the George R. Bro...

English: Houston Gun show at the George R. Brown Convention Center Español: “Houston Gun Show” en el Centro de Convenciones George R. Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The NRA represents the interests of gun manufacturers, not gun owners. What do gun manufacturers want? They want to sell more guns to produce more profits. There are already approximately 300 million guns in private hands in the US. That is more than enough. We should ban the import of more guns and require that all guns manufactured in the US be sold to the Federal government for military use or to the states for use by militias or law enforcement. We could even consider paying gun manufacturers not to produce guns as we pay farmers not to grow crops.

In addition, government at all levels could institute buy-back programs to slowly reduce the number of guns in private hands. Gun owners could still buy and sell their guns to qualified private individuals through gun shows or individually from one seller to one or more buyers. It makes no sense to buy back a few weapons at a time if the market is being flooded with new guns. Current gun owners would see the value of their guns increase as the number of guns in the US gradually declines.

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