One nation under God?

Francis Galton, the English eugenicist who wro...

Francis Galton, the English eugenicist who wrote extensively on the relation between intelligence and social class (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is the US a Christian nation? Many on the Right insist that we are a Christian nation because most of the Founding Fathers were Christians and the founding documents refer to God. However, true Christians are judged by God as to  how well they treat the poor among them. Using that standard, we are becoming a less Christian nation by the day and hour. GOP members of Congress are working to shred the safety net, permitting the poor and less advantaged among our citizens to fall by the wayside. Their program is called social Darwinism and it’s been tried before, both in England and here in the US. The government will guarantee an embryo’s right to life, but from the moment of the birth, the newborn is on his/her own. Nothing is guaranteed thereafter. If you succeed, it is by your efforts alone and you get to keep all the rewards. If you fail, it’s your own fault and government will not help, unless you employ lobbyists to help write the laws. We don’t want failures in our midst, contributing their genes to the gene pool. The country is stronger and better off without them. The sooner they disappear the better.

Thou shalt not kill

English: Text of the Sixth Commandment from th...

English: Text of the Sixth Commandment from the altar screen of the Temple Church, London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Which has precedence, the second amendment to the US Constitution or the sixth commandment? Is it God’s word or the words of the Founding Fathers? In any case, we can’t ask the writers of the original words. Both the Founding Fathers and God might have changed their minds under today’s circumstances.


Foo and Gary

Foo and Gary

We have adopted two stray cats, Gary and Little Foo. They sleep a lot and I have been able to teach Gary only one trick. From those experiences, I have adopted and adapted two proverbs:

Let sleeping cats lie.

You can’t teach an old cat new tricks. I have taught Gary to roll over and play dead. My wife says that he just wants his tummy scratched, but I claim that I taught him the trick. Gary has taught himself a trick that amazes passers-by; he frequently accompanies us on walks.

Christian nation?

Christian rules

Christian rules (Photo credit: Matt Paish 2011)

Is the US a Christian nation? If you surveyed church goers, most would say that we are a majority Christian nation. However, there are millions of Americans who profess another faith or no faith at all. I think that we can gauge how Christian a nation we are by how we treat non-Christians. The US Constitution, under the first amendment, specifies that there will be no established, state sponsored, religion. The oath of allegiance and our currency contain “under God“, but do not specify whose God, the Christian God or another religion’s. Part of our current problems in the US, IMHO, is that one party, the GOP, wants to take back the country. By that they mean take back the country to a time when minorities knew their place, there were fewer people of color, one bread-winner in a family was sufficient and when there were fewer members of other religions within the US.

Father knows best

Republican Party (United States)

Republican Party (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Republican position on most everything is , “Father knows best.” God is the Father and men are His representatives here on earth. What if God is a woman? What then? The Bible states that you will be judged by how you treat the poor among us. What if you mistreat the poor by withdrawing the safety net and Obamacare and you mistreat women as the GOP seems intent upon doing? Republicans, you are going to be in deep trouble.