Worst journalists

English: Brian Williams at the Vanity Fair cel...

English: Brian Williams at the Vanity Fair celebration for the 9th annual Tribeca Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I collect coincidences for fun. I recently began noticing that the worst journalists have two first names, one as a first name and one as a second name. ABC has Jonathan Karl. NBC has Brian Williams, Chuck Todd and David Gregory. FOX has newly acquired George Will, Ed Henry, Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer. Now that is a coincidence. I plan on looking for more on ABC and CBS.

George Will

George Will

Image by Scott Ableman via Flickr

George Will writes in an editorial page comment “Conservative should rejoice” that the Occupy Wall Street movement will hurt, rather than help, Democrats and progressives in general in the next election. In a sarcasm-laced piece, he has adopted the George W. Bush motto of “bring them on.” Well so be it. What amazes me is that George Will, a fellow fan of the Chicago Cubs, could be so wrong about everything else.

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