Dick Morris

Dick Morris at the Shops at Liberty Place - 2 of 2

Dick Morris at the Shops at Liberty Place – 2 of 2 (Photo credit: sameold2010)

Dick Morris was on the tube yesterday talking to a conservative gathering. He was predicting future poll results for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) two, three and even four years in the future. How much weight should we give to his forecasts when he could not even predict the winner in November, 2012, the day before the election?

Tragedy in Tucson

Tucson, Arizona, with the Santa Catalina Mount...

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Yesterday evening, Rachel Maddow opened her broadcast with a list of a dozen or more multiple slayings over a period of twenty years. It was a shocking list designed to show that events like the tragedy in Tucsonhappened regularly in recent American history. She devoted the program to discussing ways to prevent additional similar tragedies in the future. All too often, the shooter is judged solely to blame because of mental illness. By definition, anyone who commits a crime of such magnitude is mentally ill, but that definition of the event and cause does nothing to prevent future occurrences.

We usually examine these tragedies from the outside looking in. I suggest that we examine this event from the inside looking out for a fresh perspective. What I mean by that is that there should be investigative reporting on how the weapon reached the shooter from the factory in Austria or wherever, to the distributor in the US, to the retailer in Arizona. Tell the story from the insiders’ point of view, with their knowledge. Current employees and company representatives are likely to withhold the truth for fear of losing sales or their jobs. For the truth to be revealed, I think that former employees of all related companies, from the manufacturer to the retail sales outlet, should be located and interviewed for an insider’s view of the handgun manufactured and sold to the shooter. Firearms manufacturers within the US should also be interviewed.

If we are to craft a rational response to the tragedy inTucson, we must begin with the facts. Past responses have been too little too late and have not worked because they have not been based on facts hidden from public scrutiny. Flowers and platitudes will not heal injuries, nor raise the dead, nor prevent future tragedies. Interviewing those on the inside may not provide a solution, but I think that it may provide sufficient insight to begin crafting a workable plan. What do people in the industry really think about their responsibilities?

The current atmosphere of hatred and fear must cease. FEAR leads to PARANOIA which in turn leads some to commit VIOLENCE. It is a fact, and a fact that must be addressed if we are ever to prevent future tragedies.