Truth in advertising

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be compliant, the FOX News slogan should read: Unfair, unbalanced and proud of it. On second thought, that could be the slogan of both the TEA Party and the GOP. For our two-party system to work, we need two sane parties. Both the TEA Party and the GOP are several sandwiches short of a picnic.

Healthy skepticism

Greta Van Susteren in Manchester, NH

Greta Van Susteren in Manchester, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To maintain a healthy level of skepticism, the FDA recommends that an average adult consume an average daily dose of five minutes of pure nonsense. I get my daily dose of nonsense on FOX News in the evening. In the mountain time zone, I have three choices: Bill O’Reilly at 6pm, Sean Hannity at 7pm, or Greta Van Susteren at 8pm. Care is required to avoid an overdose, possibly leading to temporary or permanent insanity.

Mirror image

English: Karl Rove Assistant to the President,...

English: Karl Rove Assistant to the President, Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently FOX News put Dick Morris and Karl Rove on the shelf, at least temporarily. Morris because he is always wrong and Rove because of his election night meltdown, which I am sorry to say I missed live; it’s always more exciting live. I was trying to think of ways that FOX could continue to use their services, and it struck me–a mirror image. Just reverse everything they say, and that could apply to most of that network. Fair and balanced? No way.

Polling data

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Image via CrunchBase

Polling questions can be slanted to produce any results you want. Witness FOX News polls showing Romney winning while all the other polls showed President Obama winning. Recent polls show that Americans overwhelming favor raising the marginal tax rate on the wealthy a few percent. In the US, a 60-40% split is considered a landslide for the 60%. Most polls now show support for the GOP position on the fiscal slope, a phony crisis, at under 40%, sometimes as low as 30%. I believe those polls are accurate and so does Barack. Only the GOP continue to deceive themselves and the viewers on FOX.

I oppose

Genetically Modified Food

Genetically Modified Food (Photo credit: Peter Blanchard)

I oppose

TEA Party
Today’s GOP
Privatization of Social Security
Privatization of prisons
Citizens United decision
Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck
FOX News
Murdoch purchase LA Times/Chicago Tribune
Strike breakers/union busting
Employer lockouts
Long political campaigns
GMO foods