Life expectancies

English: Life expectancy vs. GDP (PPP) per cap...

English: Life expectancy vs. GDP (PPP) per capita, accordig to World Bank, 2009 (sample: 162 coutries) Sources: :GDP per capita (PPP), (World Bank, 2009) :Life expancy (CIA factbook, 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I searched on-line for US life expectancies based on whether or not one has healthcare insurance, and I couldn’t find any statistics. According to an article on Forbes, those numbers don’t exist. Why not? Perhaps because someone wants to keep us in the dark. Logically, one would expect those with more access to healthcare to live longer than people with limited access. In his book The People of the Abyss, Jack London in 1902 found that the poor of London, England lived an average of only 30 years while the better-off Londoners lived an average of 55 years.

Of course, it is possible to manipulate statistics to produce any results you want. In the second related article below, the author removes deaths from car accidents and violent crimes to boost the US longevity results. Going further, if you were to remove all deaths before age 60 or 65 or 70, of course the resulting longevity average would be higher.

Please see People of the Abyss