Spud Lite

العربية: مجموعة مشروبات كحولية. Català: Divers...

العربية: مجموعة مشروبات كحولية. Català: Diverses begudes alcohòliques. Cymraeg: Rhai diodydd alcoholig traddodiadol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vodka consumption in Russia has reached new heights, and to combat the effects on the production of goods and services, Russia is planning to use a portion of its potato crop to produce beer rather than vodka. The proposed beer will have less alcohol content, lower proof than vodka. My suggestion is that they label the beer Spud, and the light version Spud Lite.

Genetically modified food

Genetically Modified Food

Genetically Modified Food (Photo credit: Peter Blanchard)

Genetically modified plants and animals used for human food are being promoted by industry and government here in the US as safe and an effective means of increasing the food supply. Of course, all this is profitable for industry and some of the 1%. Spokespersons in and out of the scientific community tell us that genetically modified food is safe for us and for the environment. That may be true or it may not, but can we trust spokespersons who may have a financial interest in the genetically modified foods?

Even if the plants and animals are perfectly safe, there is one all-important concern that is not mentioned. Genetically modifying plants and animals for present conditions may produce food stocks which cannot adapt to future changing conditions. Eliminating some recessive genes in the genetically modified plants and animals may doom them to extinction in the climate changes that we know are coming, manmade or not. With foods that are optimized for present growing seasons and conditions, we could be dooming ourselves to future starvation.

Love thy neighbor

Little Foo and Gary, our 2 adopted strays

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself is an axiom that I use to measure the civility of our society. I will accept no conditions for my neighbor that I will not accept for myself or my family. I will not accept that my family or I are ill-fed, ill-clothed, ill-housed, ill-educated or ill, and all the people on earth are my neighbors.

Some of the elderly and the poor are so hard pressed by their economic situation that they must sustain themselves with pet food. We have two cats, Gary and Foo, strays that we have adopted. We sometimes feed them wet food and sometimes dry. I have tried the dry food and it is bitter. I have never tried the wet food because of its consistency and because of the odor that some of it has. I will never ask my family to subsist on pet food and I reject that necessity for some of my neighbors.

In this land of opportunity, some are denied an equal chance because their early years are stunted by poverty and poor schools. I reject the fact that my neighbors, their children or grand-children cannot compete on an equal basis because I will not accept those handicaps for my family. I will love my neighbor as I love my family.


Colorful Silhouette

Image by stephenccwu via Flickr

How brown was the town

How black was the kayak

How blue was the shrew

How green was the teen

How pink was the cotton candy

How orange was the pumpkin

How mellow was the yellow

How tan was man

How glad was the plaid

How purple was the grape

How violet was the ultra

How infra was the red

How polka was the dot

How sweet was the beat

And the band played on