Stormy weather

Severe Weather Coverage - April 10, 2009

Severe Weather Coverage – April 10, 2009 (Photo credit: ariedana)

Drought and fires in the West.

Violent storms and flooding in the East.

Federal government declares disaster areas in Colorado and Ohio to make aid more easily available.

If the Republicans have their way in reducing the size of government to national defense and privatizing the rest, who or what will be available as a final resource to help those in need? Insurance companies want to make a profit and will find ways to reduce or deny benefits. Is your home in high-risk fire area or do you lack flood insurance for what once was a 500 year flood that now occurs every 5-10 years? Do you live in tornado alley? Sorry these are pre-existing conditions; you do not qualify for insurance or your premiums are so costly that you cannot afford insurance.

Government is there to do the things that we cannot do individually. That is why we have government at all. The purpose of government is to make all our lives better, not to make a profit or to help some and turn its back on others. Every citizen deserves government assistance when he/she is overwhelmed by acts of God or by Mother Nature.