Young Guns part 2

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The GOP members of Congress who style themselves as the Young Guns are Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy may be the least known of the three, but he also may be the one who does the most damage. Representing the California district that includes Bakersfield, his job is to recruit GOP Congressional candidates. Describing the qualities he is looking for, he makes it sound as though the perfect candidate is a TEA Party/ Young Guns clone. If the next Congress is as obstructive as the current one, we will have McCarthy and Elbridge Gerry’s legacy to thank. The GOP has Gerrymandered several states since the 2010 election.

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Young Guns

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This a reposting of a book review I wrote one year ago on August 10, 2011.

Young Guns, a New Generation of Conservative Leaders contains profiles and commentary on and written by Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy, all three GOP members of the House of Representatives and TEA party conservatives. I read the book to learn more about three men who will be influential in the next Congress. At 191 pages, I learned less about them than I did from a three page article in the December 6, 2010 issue of The Nation.

McCarthy talked about recruiting candidates for the 2010 election with new ideas, supporting small government, less regulation and lower taxes.  As far as I could tell, there were no new ideas, just a recycling of the GOP’s old ideas that they have been emphasizing to one degree or another since the 1930’s. McCarthy was not recruiting candidates with new ideas; he was recruiting clones. The GOP used to include some liberals and some moderates. The liberals are long gone and the moderates are being pushed out of the party.

The book is a mix of praise for themselves and the candidates they have recruited together with the standard false and misleading accusations against the Democrats, particularly Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. The only thing I learned from the books is how hard the Right is working to elect like-minded legislators to Congress.

From the much shorter Nation article, I learned a great deal about what they plan to accomplish in the next Congress or the one convening in 2013 if they manage to “take back the country.” They subscribe to Ryan’s Roadmap for America’s Future for radical change. Proposed changes include: privatizing Social Security, abolishing S-CHIP, replacing Medicare with vouchers, abolishing the corporate income tax, the estate tax and the alternate minimum tax, and eliminating income tax on capital gains and eventually all progressive income taxes. I don’t like paying taxes either, but I believe that the progressive income tax is the fairest tax we have. The rich benefit as much as the poor from government provided services and they can afford to pay more for them than the poor can.

Two web sites are described in the book: and  I recommend visiting both to see what the Young Guns are doing. At the second site, you can read what others are saying and actually vote on the messages.  Let’s give them a dose of reality and our wisdom.


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Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States.

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The first decade of the twenty-first century will go down in history as the Lost Decade due to the deeds of the following four individuals. They were aided and abetted by many others, but these four, I call them the Washington Four, were the leaders.

George W. Bush started two wars. The Iraq war was unnecessary and the Afghan war was and is unnecessarily prolonged. He ignored repeated warnings about the New Orleans levees, trusting to luck, and his luck ran out in August, 2005, due to Katrina. He allowed the housing bubble to inflate unchecked.  GUILTY

Dick Cheney authored and supported enhanced interrogations and other evils too numerous to list.  GUILTY

Karl Rove masterminded George W. Bush’s election, not once but twice.  GUILTY x 2

Alan Greenspan allowed the housing bubble to inflate, believing that the invisible hand of the market would cause the bubble to self-correct.   GUILTY

John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell will give us a second Lost Decade to follow the first if we do not give them everything they want.  GUILTY

Do you want the Great Recession to linger until 2020?

All or nothing

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Barack should insist that Congress give him all of his jobs bill. He should accept nothing less. The Republicans in Congress will try to appear willing to compromise, giving just enough to appear responsive and responsible. In reality, they will be trying to walk a fine line between denying jobs to those who need them and giving the President a program that will actually work. They want the jobs effort to fail so that they can campaign against it, saying, “I told you so.” They do not want to give Barack a winning issue for the 2012 campaign by being too obvious in their efforts to make the jobless suffer, because that might boomerang against them.

Please see Great Depression 2

Fantasy baseball

Republican Elephants

The baseball season is about to begin and I will root once again that the Cubs make it to the World Series. I have been a Cub fan since 1950 and my fantasy is that they win the championship before I die.

Thinking of fantasies, my thoughts turned to what a GOP baseball team would be like if they played baseball instead of politics. The team name would of course be the Elephants and the owner the US Chamber of Commerce and the manager would be Grover Norquist. They would play in a new stadium each year financed 100% by the taxpayers. The stadium was formerly named BP Field, but BP sold the naming rights to Exxon Mobil to raise a quick $20 billion to fund the “slush” fund required by President Obama after the Gulf oil spill. The Elephants now play at home in Exxon Mobil Field.

Now let’s select our players. On the mound is our star pitcher, John “Teardrops” Boehner, famed for his tear ball. Like a spit ball, but wetted by tears rather than spit. Behind the plate and calling the balls and strikes (the Elephants play without umpires) is Eric Cantor. He wears the catcher’s usual protective gear plus rubber gloves, a raincoat and hat and goggles when he is catching John’s tear ball. On third base and keeping the official score wearing an accountant’s green eyeshade is Paul Ryan.

The rest of the infield is composed of the Elephants’ famed double play combination. Not yet as famous as Tinkers to Evers to Chance, they are Ignorance at shortstop, Apathy on second and Inertia on first base. These three are who keep the GOP Elephants in close games. Additionally, if the Elephants fall behind in the score, Paul just stops counting the runs the other side scores.

The Elephants have an unusual and especially weak outfield defensively. In far right field hugging the foul line is Michele Bachmann. Playing center and most of right field is Willard “Moss” Romney. Known as Mitt Romney off the diamond for his golden glove and golden bank account, he was given the nickname “Moss”, short for a rolling stone gathers no moss, for his constant movement in the outfield, changing positions at the drop of a hat or a change in the wind direction. The Elephants also field a second center fielder because no one will play left field. That leaves a huge gap that other teams can exploit. The Elephants are the only team in baseball with no left hand batters or pitchers.

The Elephants plan to use the 2011 season to prepare for the important 2012 season. I am particularly looking forward to the 2012 series scheduled to end on the first Tuesday of November, 2012.  If the Elephants survive the next two years, we will believe that miracles do happen, even in fantasy baseball.

Wrigley Field

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Democratic Donkeys

On the mound is their ace left-hander, Barack “No Drama” Obama. Behind the plate is their catcher, Joe Biden. On third is their main numbers man, Tim Geithner. The heart of the Donkeys’s defense is their double play combination of the 3 Cs, Bill Clinton as shortstop, Hillary Clinton on second base and Jimmy Carter on first.

In the outfield, there is Dennis Kucinich in left, Bernie sanders in center and Al Gore in right who bats fourth in the clean up position. The Donkeys wear an all green uniform and are nicknamed the Green Team. Their manager is Howard Dean. Their farm system includes two teams, the Washington Senators and the Baltimore Ballots. The Donkeys, unlike the Elephants, are known as a team of much internal dissension.