2 rules to live by

stasera, fatevi curare da loro

stasera, fatevi curare da loro (Photo credit: sisagitta)

When I worked at the local hospital’s x-ray department, I set two rules for myself and my work. These rules were my own and not imposed on me by the hospital. The first rule was the golden rule; I treated all my patients as I would want to be treated if our roles had been reversed.

The second rule was the 5-minute rule, more of a goal. I tried to respond to every order from a doctor in the ER within 5 minutes. For the simpler exams, that was 5 minutes from the time the order printed until I had taken the x-rays and completed the paper work. Five minutes, start to finish. More complex orders naturally took longer. With a recent change in equipment, I found that 5 minutes was no longer possible; it took 7 minutes instead.

The result of my two rules was that patients were happy with the quick service and care I gave them and the doctors in the ER loved the fast response. So did my supervisor.

If Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee in the fall, I expect that he will adopt a version of my 5-minute rule. The time period in his rule may 24 hours or a week or a month, but he will spend a significant part of the campaign invoking his version of the 5-minute rule as follows. “That was my position yesterday, but my position today is such and such.”



Reasons to go to the ER:

Meet your friends and neighbors in triage

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Chest pain

Back pain

Neck pain

Pain in the behind

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

Give us some constirpation

Shortness of breath, no breath

Asthma, inhaler

Near drowning

Too much drugs, OD

Need drugs, for pain or recreation

Motor vehicle accident

Bicycle accident

Motorcycle accident

ATV accident

Rash, road rash

Spider bite, cat bite

Dog bite, mosquito bite

Snake bite, scorpion bite

Falls, winter, spring, summer

Toothache, double vision

Female problems

Male problems

Email problems

No internet connection

Four hour erection.

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