Expand Social Security

The Cost of Living (Jason Webley album)

The Cost of Living (Jason Webley album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rather than cut benefits to the elderly under a chained CPI, it is time to consider expanding Social Security by calculating annual benefit increases using CPI-E, an expanded CPI, CPI for the elderly that calculates the true cost of living for actual, living and breathing human beings. The cost of living increase for 2014 is only 1.5% when food, medical expenses and insurance are up at double-digit rates. I would finance expanded Social Security by means of a Robin Hood tax on financial transactions. Wall Street is setting new highs. Let those who can afford to pay a bit more in taxes help those who cannot.

Round 2

This photo is from the Time 100 Gala - read ho...

This photo is from the Time 100 Gala – read how I feel about Elizabeth Warren. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some on the left want Elizabeth Warren as the Democratic candidate in 2016, while former Senator Scott Brown would be a good choice for the GOP. That would produce a contest between two candidates from Massachusetts who contested a Senate election in 2012. Warren won that one, defeating Brown.

Student loans

English: Flag of the United States Federal Res...

English: Flag of the United States Federal Reserve Bank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Elizxabeth Warren has proposed that student loans come directly from the Federal Reserve at the current interest rate of 0.75%. That is a excellent idea; banks as middlemen are unnecessary. If Warren’s bill becomes law, I suggest that we follow-up on it with loans to workers so that they can purchase stock in the companies where they work and ultimately to home buyers so that they can purchase their homes at much lower cost. Why should someone be forced to pay two or three times the purchase price of a home in interest in addition to the principal? Then the home interest would no longer need to be tax deductible.

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