Hospital sign

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Where the elite meet to greet

The sick

Where the sick come to be cured

Or to meet their Maker

Where health care professionals come

To practice makes perfect

Realm of initials

ER, OR, RR, RR Xing

Railroad crossing

Flashing lights

OT and PT

Tea and crumpets anyone?

GI tract, GI lab

Enlisted men over here

Officers over there

Oncology, radiology, TV-ology

Nuc-med, stress, stress testing


Must you be a card to

Work in cardiology?

Lab tests, EEG, EKG

Urine specimens, blood draws

This won’t hurt, much, me

You maybe

Hold still, sit still, stand still

Jog in place

DC, discharge home or elsewhere

The bills trickle or flood in

How much?

You’ve got to be kidding.

What I learned working in a hospital.