Hammer and tongs

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Tonight’s debate was a clear win for the President, and he won on substance. Mitt won the first debate on style. So the score is now one and one for each man. The third debate will be the tie breaker and it will be on foreign affairs. Mitt has no foreign policy experience so Barack should be the clear winner there on both substance and style.


Polls and debates

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The polls and the GOP debates are useless. They do not help the voters to make a wise choice. The only thing the polls tell us is that the voters are undecided because they don’t like their choices and because they lack the information on which to base a decision. There are too many debates and they tell us little or nothing. The media treats the polls as a horse race and the debates as boxing matches. We could as easily place the candidates in a fighting cage and select the victor as the candidate. That would only tell us who is the physically fittest, not who is qualified to be president.

I would replace the debates with TV programs in which the candidates respond in writing to written, pertinent questions. The candidates need not be on the program in person, only their brief answers which could be compared on the air to the answers supplied by all the others. Voters could study the answers later at their leisure on-line. I would require that the answers be brief and not refer to the other candidates. In many cases, answers could be limited to three choices: yes, no or declined to answer.

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The Mitt Romney Hour

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The Saturday night GOP debate lasted 90 minutes, but it was devoted mostly to Mitt Romney. I watched the game between Detroit and New Orleans and switched to the debate during commercials and between plays. Whenever I tuned to the debate, Mitt was speaking, or had just spoken or was about to speak. I think that the networks should position the candidates on stage according to a draw, rather than follow the polls and position the leaders in center stage, giving the polls additional importance that they do not deserve. This time it was obvious to me that there are two serious candidates, Jon and Ron, and four phonies, Mitt, Rick, Rick and Newt.