John G. Koch Family Business (MSA)

John G. Koch Family Business (MSA) (Photo credit: MissouriStateArchives)

In a healthcare environment, longevity is a tall can of Jevity, a diet supplement.

Everywhere else, longevity is how long you live. The GOP base is dying off, and the 1% including the Koch brothers want to keep them around for their votes as long as possible. Scientists know that some human tissues, such as the small bowel, do not grow old. Research is going on now to learn why and then apply that knowledge, possibly through gene technology, to the rest of the human body. If the Koch brothers are smart, and I am sure they are, they will use some of their vast wealth to speeding that research on human aging. Imagine the possibilities if Koch funded patents can keep GOP voters alive longer. The Koch brothers are already funding groups that are moving in the opposite direction, repealing Obamacare, to shorten the lives of the poor who presumably would vote Democratic.