Right to vote

Exercising the right to vote is a principal expression of the freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution and the foundation of all our other rights. Even in a heavily contested national election, approximately one-third of all eligible voters don’t vote. Why not? In some cases, potential voters think that there is little or no difference among the candidates. In the past, I have occasionally cast my vote for a candidate with no chance of winning as a protest to express my displeasure with the choices. I did that in the 2000 election when I voted for Ralph Nader.

Many voters don’t vote because they believe that one vote does not make a difference, or that it does not matter to them personally who is president or governor or mayor. Some voters cannot afford to take time from a job in order to vote. A national paid holiday on election day every two or four years would be a small price to pay for a more involved citizenry.

Voting should be quick and easy. The longest wait I can recall happened here in Utah in 2004 when I waited in line about 45 minutes. I could not and I would not stand in line for much longer than that. People who waited hours in line to vote have my respect, and the officials who made them wait that long have my anger. No one should be forced to endure hardship to exercise their right to vote.


22nd amendment


November (Photo credit: Cape Cod Cyclist)

I favor the repeal of the 22nd amendment to the US Constitution so that Barack may serve one or more additional terms after he is re-elected in November. That will prevent his having lame-duck status, and we may need his guidance beyond January, 2017.

Gun control part 2

3 Muzzles

3 Muzzles (Photo credit: ZORIN DENU)

I favor strict gun controls. In fact, I believe that gun ownership by individuals should be made illegal. The second amendment to the Constitution supports the right to bear arms by a militia or national guard. That requirement can be met by keeping the necessary weapons under lock and key in an armoury for use during legally authorized emergencies. Members of the militia/national guard do not need to have access to weapons in their homes.

For sportsmen and women, I would provide target ranges where guns could be rented while in use at the range only. For hunters, I would provide rifles and shotguns for rent only during the various hunting seasons. Once the rental period expired or the season ended, the guns must be returned from where they had been rented.

There are too many guns on the streets in the wrong hands. Privileges that are abused are lost. Too many people in America are losing their lives daily to senseless gun violence. It will not stop as long as we permit some to profit from their sale nor will it stop as long as the NRA is involved in politics.

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