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Photo of the First Congregational Church of Ceredo, West Virginia. The photo was taken from across 1st Street West at the intersection with C Street (). The building was constructed in 1886 and the church is a member of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My father was a non-practicing member of the Lutheran Church and my mother was a committed member of a Congregational Church. I attended a few Lutheran services and daily vacation bible classes, and I attended Congregational services at the youth level until I graduated from high school. Then I stopped attending church.

I consider myself an agnostic because I do not know whether or not God exists. An atheistic knows or thinks he/she knows. I do believe in much of the Christian code for living. I moved away from the Congregational Church of my mother’s faith because there was too much guilt. The Lutheran Church to my youthful eyes seemed old-fashioned. I am not in the market for a religion at this point in my life, but if I were, I would be looking for these criteria: a pacific religion, one not supporting war. I would also insist on a religion that did not judge people here on earth. There is plenty of time later for judgement after death.

Please see Love thy neighbor | Brother’s keeper


Different theology

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According to Rick Santorum, Barack Obama practices a different theology. I was raised in the Congregational church and each congregation was free to interpret the Bible as they chose. In fact, each individual could read the Bible in different ways. My parents believed that members of the Catholic church were instructed what to believe by the Pope. There are many different Protestant denominations and I suspect that each interprets the Word of God differently. That is what gives rise to religious disputes, the burning or beheading of heretics and religious wars in the past. As a practising agnostic, I am not an expert on religion. I prefer to mind my own business as long as my neighbor minds his/hers.