War on drugs

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We have lost the war on drugs and it is time to try another approach. In his book Joe’s Law, Sheriff Joe Arpaio talked about his thirty year career in the DEA and preceding government agencies. He estimated that at the beginning and the end of his career, the government was successful in stopping only 10% of the illicit drugs coming into the US. That is 30 years of effort and 90% of illicit drugs still manage to enter the US market. And what have been the results? Crime and violence in the US and crowded, privatized prisons. Drug wars and 10s of thousands of deaths on our southern border.

Prohibition of alcohol until it was repealed led to the formation of organized crime syndicates in our major cities and the political corruption they brought with them. I don’t advocate the legalization of all drugs, but I do think that at least the weaker drugs, like marijuana, should be legalized. Rather than spending our resources on combatting the use of marijuana and putting people in prisons, we should be spending the money on education.

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