Coincidence (Photo credit: Cam in Van)

I like to collect coincidences. Most coincidences are random occurrences, but I still enjoy looking for causal connections and possible insights. The hunt adds interest to life. For example, when I worked as an aide in a hospital, I noted that most patients select a doctor whose last name is the same length, or nearly so, as their last name. Probably meaningless, but still fun to spot it. My own last name is five letters long and my current doctor’s last name is also five letters long.

I am reading Interface by Neal Stephenson written under the pen name of Stephen Bury. Stephenson is also one of my favorite writers of science fiction and I have read all of his books. Interface takes place in the near future and is set in Illinois and Denver, just as Dan Simmons has near future books set in both places. And both authors have last names beginning with “S” and ending in “on.”