A path to citizenship

English: Oath of citizenship ceremony

English: Oath of citizenship ceremony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any path to citizenship
Is a fast track to amnesty
So say the critics.
Reach out to minorities
But don’t touch hearts and minds.
Fourteen years is a long, hard road.
An obstacle course lined with
Fines, fees, back taxes and misery.
My children are citizens, US born.
Why must I suffer to join them
And enjoy the benefits of citizenship?
Justice delayed is justice denied.


From the main official web site of U.S. Senato...

From the main official web site of U.S. Senator John McCain, archived in 2006 by Archive.org (the material dates back at least to 2003 at McCain’s web site). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John McCain and the rest of the GOP have discovered a new word “metrics” and will use it to demand a difficult-to-meet trigger in the immigration reform bill. They and we know how many undocumented are captured on our borders each year. Now they want to know how many cross into the US and are not caught. They will use those two numbers to calculate the capture rate, the Border Patrol’s batting average in other words. The GOP want to set the trigger for a path to citizenship as close to 100% as they can to delay the path to citizenship as long as they can. A path to citizenship will be written into the law, but it will be like the distant mirage of water in the desert on a hot summer day. Once you get close to it, it will disappear. The purpose of the GOP is to appear supportive of a path to citizenship without actually supporting a real path. They are hoping that voters won’t notice.

GOP message to the undocumented


Citizenship@MaRS (Photo credit: mars_discovery_district)

The Republican message to the undocumented is as follows:

We will support legalizing your stay in the US to work for peanuts, without allowing you to become citizens.

If we provide a path to citizenship, it will be long and difficult.

If you become citizens and want to vote, we will make it difficult, unless you promise to vote Republican.

If you vote for the other guy, we won’t count your votes.



Tax (Photo credit: 401K)

Taxes, Federal income taxes, are necessary for the preservation of life. The willingness to pay those taxes, though painful, is a measure of how well we love our neighbors and fellow citizens. Some say that taxes represent theft of property from those that earned the money. That is an argument that goes all the way back to the founding of democracy in Greece. The owner of property is a responsible person and only he can be a full citizen withe right to vote and all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson wrote, “…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” He may not have written them in the order of importance, but I place life above liberty in importance, because with life, liberty can be attained, but without life, liberty is an empty word.

Government cannot be expected to provide happiness itself, only the conditions that allow all people to pursue happiness without hindrance from their starting conditions. I favor the Federal graduated income tax as the fairest tax yet devised. I don’t like paying it, but it is a fairer tax to all income levels than any other tax.

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