Ex-Lax for Mitt, part 2

Mitt Romney presidential campaign, 2008

Mitt Romney presidential campaign, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The American public will render a verdict on Mitt‘s lies on election day in November. However, until that day he is getting away with some whoppers. Whenever he is called out on his lies, he or his campaign just act as mirrors saying that President Obama and the Democrats are the real liars and too many people believe him. That is why I want us to express our displeasure with Mitt’s lies by mailing his campaign samples of Ex-Lax as a visible, tangible sign of our displeasure. The mailing address is:

Romney for President
P. O. Box 149756
Boston, Massachusetts 02114-9756

At the same time you mail a package to Mitt, I suggest a donation of equal value to the Obama campaign at www.barackobama.com

I want the Boston post office and the Romney campaign to think that the Christmas rush has arrived two months early. I will notify the Boston media what to expect. If we manage to inundate the Romney campaign with packages of Ex-Lax demonstrating how we feel about Mitt’s lies, we may receive local and/or national media attention. I suggest that you write Ex-Lax for Mitt on the outside of the package so that everyone will know what’s in the box without the need to open it.

It is time to demonstrate to Mitt and to the world that many Americans will not stand idly by as much of the media ignore Mitt’s lying and Mitt ignores the media.


Marooned on Mars

Marooned on Mars

Marooned on Mars

Marooned on Mars by Lester Del Rey, published in 1952 was the first science fiction book I ever read. I was given it as a Christmas gift in 1952 when I was eleven years old. The publisher was John C. Winston Company, and I now look for them on eBay. In the 1950s, they were published in groups of five titles at a time and the price was $2.00 each. I must have collected 20-25 of them and I no longer know what happened to them. I may have given them away when I reached college age in 1959. We did not have much storage space for books and I regret their loss very much. I have been able to replace some of them, but many are beyond my budget. Alas for lost youth.

The Spirit of Christmas

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From Beside the Still Waters by George Z. Keller

“I am thrilled by the spirit of Christmas,
I am happy because of it all;
The smiles on the faces of children
Are always a joy to recall.

For Christmas belongs to the youngsters,
And for them it is always a day
When the cares and the hurts they have suffered,
Are forgotten and all swept away.

For, you see, it’s quite easy in childhood
To forgive, and forget, and be glad;
But years make it hard for age to discard
All the sorrows and pain we have had.

When the days start to gather momentum,
And the years fly past like a bird,
Then our swan song is sung, for no longer we’re young,
And the words are the saddest I’ve heard.

But, in fancy, we all can be children,
And respond to the day, as of old;
From our worries and doubt let us all face about,
And resolve a new outlook to mold.

Let us welcome the day and be merry,
And may God His rich blessings release;
Our Christ is the Spirit of Christmas,
His love is the spirit of peace.”

No Newt is good Newt

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (TV special)

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Mitt Romney seems to have his heart set on being the GOP nominee. In this holiday season, if Newt denies the nomination to Mitt, will he be the Gingrich who stole Mitt’s Christmas?

Utah in Winter

Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream

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Snowfall January, 2011

Clear skies
Cold nights
Hot cocoa
Whipped cream
Bright lights
Christmas gifts
Carols float
High/low notes
Powder snow
Skiers delight
White peaks
Vast lakes
Spirited giving
Faithful living
Utah in winter




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