One nation under God?

Francis Galton, the English eugenicist who wro...

Francis Galton, the English eugenicist who wrote extensively on the relation between intelligence and social class (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is the US a Christian nation? Many on the Right insist that we are a Christian nation because most of the Founding Fathers were Christians and the founding documents refer to God. However, true Christians are judged by God as to  how well they treat the poor among them. Using that standard, we are becoming a less Christian nation by the day and hour. GOP members of Congress are working to shred the safety net, permitting the poor and less advantaged among our citizens to fall by the wayside. Their program is called social Darwinism and it’s been tried before, both in England and here in the US. The government will guarantee an embryo’s right to life, but from the moment of the birth, the newborn is on his/her own. Nothing is guaranteed thereafter. If you succeed, it is by your efforts alone and you get to keep all the rewards. If you fail, it’s your own fault and government will not help, unless you employ lobbyists to help write the laws. We don’t want failures in our midst, contributing their genes to the gene pool. The country is stronger and better off without them. The sooner they disappear the better.