Different theology

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According to Rick Santorum, Barack Obama practices a different theology. I was raised in the Congregational church and each congregation was free to interpret the Bible as they chose. In fact, each individual could read the Bible in different ways. My parents believed that members of the Catholic church were instructed what to believe by the Pope. There are many different Protestant denominations and I suspect that each interprets the Word of God differently. That is what gives rise to religious disputes, the burning or beheading of heretics and religious wars in the past. As a practising agnostic, I am not an expert on religion. I prefer to mind my own business as long as my neighbor minds his/hers.

Bell Book Candle

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Some readers have wondered where I got the name for this site. I wanted to include book reviews and the name Bell Book Candle just popped into my mind. There was a film in 1958  by that name starring Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak and Jack Lemmon that I saw only once in my life and that I remembered enjoying. It was in color in an era when many films were still in black and white. I saw the movie at the Woods Theater in Chicago’sLoop” days or a few weeks after it was released. It was the second film of that year that I saw starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak; the first was Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

Kim Novak grew up on Sayre Avenue on Chicago’s westside. One of my mother’s sisters lived at 2030 North Sayre which was almost directly across the street from the home of Kim Novak’s childhood. The parents still lived there when I was a teen, but Kim herself had moved to Hollywood to become a star. Sayre Avenue is a quiet, tree-lined street of mostly brick bungalows.

My original intention was to use this site for learning and testing ideas. I had originally planned to migrate these posts to www.truthjusticepoetry.com once I had mastered webmastering. Now I am undecided; I am having a lot of fun just as it is. The header and background art are from Snow Canyon state park here in Saint George, Utah. It never snows in Snow Canyon; the name honors a pioneer family.

Bell book candle also refers to a former practice of the Catholic Church used to excommunicate persons convicted of particularly grievous sins. I intend to point out the responsibility of those who commit particularly grievous crimes against the body politic.

Know Nothings

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Those who don’t know their history are likely to repeat it, again and again.

Between 1845 and 1860, there was a political movement in the United States called the Know Nothings that has reappeared recently under another name. The original Know Nothings had the following platform and ran with moderate success until the Civil War. They opposed the immigration of Catholics from Germany and Ireland. Immigrants must wait 21 years for citizenship. They preferred that immigrants originate from the British Isles, excluding Catholic Ireland. Teachers in public schools and all elected officials were to be white Protestant Anglo-Saxons. English was to be the official language.

At first, the Know Nothings called themselves the American Republican Party, then the Native American Party, and finally the American Party. After the Dred Scott decision in 1857, the Know Nothings split in factions and the anti-slavery faction joined the Republican Party.

If all this sounds a bit familiar, it should. Much of the Know Nothing platform and goals are repeated nightly on the evening news.