Naked News

Among all of Mitt’s changing positions, only one message is unchanging, “Vote for me; I am not Barack Obama.” No one will vote for Mitt Romney; his vote totals will be almost entirely votes against Barack Obama. Since the election follows Halloween so closely, my suggestion to Mitt to make his message even more explicit is for Mitt to dress in a Barack Obama costume. Then as he speaks, he can slowly remove the costume to reveal the Mitt Romney underneath.

There is a pseudo news program on the web, available only to paid subscribers at , where the news readers strip as they read the news. The news readers now are strictly female, although there was a male version which was cancelled due to low ratings. The program is recorded in Canada and is produced six days per week and each episode runs for 25 minutes. If the male version were still being produced, Mitt could have appeared as a guest host, removing his Barack Obama costume and not stopping there.

Energy Independence

English: Fairfield Church, Romney Marsh.

English: Fairfield Church, Romney Marsh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class, August 22, 2012, 21 pages full of falsehoods. I am not going to attempt to list them all; I will leave that to someone with a lot more time on his/her hands. More than half of the document consists of short quotations from “experts” that support the Romney positions.

The gist of the Romney plan is to let private enterprise drill our way to energy independence by 2020, the end of Mitt’s second term. Second term, optimistic isn’t he? Mitt wants to unite the US with Canada and Mexico in one, large North American energy production zone, that he claims will be a net exporter of energy. More of an industrial wasteland and source of air, water and carbon pollution IMHO.

Airline fares

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: RobertCiavarro)

My wife is flying around the continent today trying to reach home in Utah from Thunder Bay, Ontario which is the Canadian Midwest. To get a cheap fare, she was compelled to fly to Toronto and then to Newark, New Jersey on her way to Las Vegas, Nevada. From Las Vegas she will ride a shuttle bus 120 miles to Saint George.

To me this makes no sense at all. My understanding is that the major cost of flying is the fuel cost. Why should an airline or a nation expend more fuel to fly more miles to offer a lower fare? No sense at all. Airlines should be required to offer fares directly proportional to the miles flown. It would have been much more convenient for my wife to fly from our brand-new airport in Saint George to Salt Lake City or Denver and then directly to Minneapolis and/or Thunder Bay. We as a nation are wasting fuel with the present system as well as the time and convenience of our citizens.

Keystone XL pipeline part 2

English: Platform supply vessels battle the bl...

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Mitch McConnell says that the Keystone XL pipeline is designed to carry petroleum from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Good thing that BP is not involved, or that petroleum might wind up in the Gulf of Mexico, adding to the continuing damage to the environment caused by Deepwater Horizon. The Keystone petroleum is to be refined in Louisiana, and the refined product shipped abroad. No help to our energy problems.

Life expectancies

Life Expectancy 2007 UN HDR & CIA Factbook

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Critics of Obamacare are usually critical of healthcare in other nations, particularly Canada and the UK(England). They praise US healthcare as the best in the world, but we spend much more of GNP to produce the “best”. My question to those critics is, if our healthcare is so good, why do we live shorter lives?

Here are some sample life expectancies, by world ranking:

1.  Japan     men  78 years     women  86.1 years

11.Canada  men  78.3            women  82.9

20.UK        men   77.2           women   81.6

36. US        men   75.6           women   80.8

It should not be necessary for men in the US to undergo a gender change in order to live as long as men in Canada, the UK or Japan, nor should US women face an average of 5.2 years of widowhood..