Keystone pipeline nonsense

Trans Canada Keystone Oil Pipeline

Trans Canada Keystone Oil Pipeline (Photo credit: shannonpatrick17)

This morning on FOX, there was the standard nonsense, fair and balanced?, this time about the Keystone pipeline. That it would reduce energy prices when in fact the refined product is scheduled for export. That it would reduce our need for imported energy. Where do the people at FOX think that the tar sands to be transported in the Keystone pipeline are located? Alberta is a part of Canada, not the US. The section of the Keystone pipeline they want built will handle more imports, not less. Who wants the Keystone pipeline line? Big oil. And they want it because it will generate more profits for them and more pollution for the rest of us.


Florida congressman Alan Grayson.

Florida congressman Alan Grayson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have Alan Grayson to thank for reading all the fine print in healthcare insurance plans and explaining their essence in two sentences.

“Don’t get sick. If you do, die quickly,” (or go bankrupt).

That is GOPcare in a nutshell. Obamacare is a step in the right direction. It is a COMPROMISE between what we have had, GOPcare, and what I believe is the ideal, Medicare for all. If the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is flawed, and it is, it is because it is a COMPROMISE, and compromises never satisfy everyone.

Supporters of GOPcare claim that we have the best healthcare system in the world, and I suppose we do if you can afford it. Most of us cannot. My wife was born and bred in Canada and her relatives still live there and are much more satisfied with the care they receive at little cost than we are with the care we receive at a much greater cost. Of course, they and we represent the low-end of the income scale. If we were a part of the 1% and could afford the best in healthcare, our reactions to Obamacare and Canadian medicine might be different.

Glenn Beck to Canada

Cover of "Slap Shot (25th Anniversary Spe...

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Glenn Beck says that he will move to Canada, but will Canada agree to accept him? In the comedy movie  of 1977 vintage, Slap Shot, Paul Newman coached a hockey team of losers who won the big game. One of the team members was a Canadian that the US wanted to deport, but Canada would not take him back. Rush Limbaugh promised to move to Costa Rica, but he still lives in a mansion in Florida. I’ll believe Glenn Beck’s promise only after I see him crossing the border.

Annex Canada

Internal development of Canada's internal bord...

Internal development of Canada’s internal borders, from the formation of the dominion to the present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rather than change policies and reach out to minorities and women to expand their base, I have a different suggestion for the GOP, annex Canada. If each of Canada’s ten provinces are admitted to the US as states, that would expand the US Senate to 120 members. That should allow the GOP to retain control of the House and gain control of the Senate. There are sufficient old, white men north of the border to allow the GOP to offset the continued influx of the undocumented from south of the border for many more years. I doubt that Canadians would be happy with this idea, but the GOP don’t care about democracy anyway.

Energy independence

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the V...

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the Values Voters conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mitt Romney and the GOP have a plan for energy independence in North America. I wonder if they bothered to consult Canada and Mexico? The Romney/GOP plan includes more drilling for oil, fracking for natural gas, more coal mining, wind, solar and nuclear power. The heart of their plan, which they don’t mention, is the conversion of our cars and trucks to burn gasoline and diesel fuel refined from snake oil.