Phony financial cliff

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The end of the year 2012 financial cliff is a phony. Pay no attention to the doomsayers. Let the Bush tax cuts expire and the Federal deficits will disappear. Ever since the Reagan years, the GOP strategy has been to starve the beast to force the government to downsize. Now that the strategy seems to be working, no matter the pain to the American people, the GOP appear poised for final victory in shrinking the Federal government by getting rid of the FDR programs they have always opposed since the 1930s and 1940s. All that we need do to foil their dastardly plot is to let the Bush taxes expire.

Raising taxes during our slow recovery from the Great Recession could cause another recession. To prevent that, I would recommend another stimulus, large enough this time to do the job, and I would direct it at creating jobs directly through infrastructure projects, not through tax cuts which may or may not be spent to create jobs.

A better life

Europe 1999

Europe 1999 (Photo credit: Greg_e)

I want a better life for all Americans. I want it to be a flood, not a trickle, as in trickle down. America, the land of opportunity, has become the land of less opportunity. America is now more stratified  than Europe. There is less opportunity for a person to succeed here in the US than there is in Europe. If you support low taxes on the rich because you hope one day to be rich, think again. It ain’t going to happen, statistically speaking.

The GOP is the party of the rich, by the rich for the rich. They are busy dismantling the protections that you and I enjoy whether those protections come from unions or from government. Large corporations are now free to spend huge sums to buy elections as they have been free in the past to buy legislation.  We will not succeed in giving everyone a better life until we get money out of politics and until we reform our tax laws so that the wealthy again pay their fair share as they did before the Bush tax cuts.

Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes speaks at the Get Motivated Semin...

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I received a letter today from Steve Forbes, delivered the old- fashioned way, by letter carrier. In that letter was a solicitation for a donation to the Club for Growth. I visited their  website, and the home page featured a picture of almost all of the GOP candidates for the presidency; it was like looking at the opening lineup for one of their multitude of debates. I decided then and there that if Steve wants to fund the organization, he can do so from his own deep pockets, needing no help from me or anyone else.

He should be very happy because when he ran for the GOP nomination in 1996 and 2000, he was the sole proponent of the flat tax which most of the GOP candidates now support. In addition, his cover letter rather shrilly decried Obama‘s rush to socialism. He had the nerve to include a form letter for me to sign and return with my contribution. The form letter was addressed to my representative, Jim Matheson, and requested making the Bush tax cuts permanent and repealing Obamacare. I oppose all that he requested and did not return the letter or make a contribution.

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