Mitt’s many millions

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English: Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. closeup view of vocalists Joan Baez and Bob Dylan., 08/28/1963 Español: Bob Dylan con Joan Baez en la Marcha por los Derechos Civiles en Washington, D.C. (1963) Italiano: Joan Baez e Bob Dylan durante la marcia per i diritti civili a Washington, 28 agosto 1963 Polski: Bob Dylan i Joan Baez w 1963 Deutsch: Joan Baez und Bob Dylan beim Marsch auf Washington am 28. August 1963 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many millions must a millionaire have
Before you say enough?
How many homes must his family have
Before he loses count?
How many tax returns must he finesse
Before the IRS calls?
The answer my friends is written on the wind
The answer is written on the wind.
Mitt’s millions are estimated between 250 and 1,000.

My thanks to Bob Dylan for the inspiration and hours of pleasurable listening.