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Rand Paul claims that Rand is short for Randall. Some say that Rand Paul was named for Ayn Rand. If he runs for president, I want him to produce a birth certificate to settle the question.

Needless expense

Birth certificate

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In order to renew a driver’s license here in Utah, one must present three documents: an original Social Security card, a utility bill or bank statement as proof of address, and a state issued birth certificate. My original hospital-issued birth certificate from 1941 was not good enough. I had to go online and pay $25.00 for a state issued certificate. A birth certificate from Cook County, Illinois was not good enough either. The license renewal for 5 years cost $13.00 while the unnecessary birth certificate, to my mind, was nearly twice that. Additionally, I must return to the DMV office which is halfway to Hurricane so that my license will finally be issued. A real waste of time and money.

Here in Utah, the only election that really matters are the GOP caucuses. I participated in one in 2012 and no ID was required. In fact, one of the hosts didn’t know how to respond when I tried to prove my identity. When I voted in person, we showed ID. Now that I vote by mail, no ID is required. If it possible to register to vote when getting a driver’s license, and it is, it should work the other way too. A registered voter should not be put to the expense of furnishing a state issued birth certificate when the applicant can show proof of birth and already has a Utah driver’s license.

Birthers part 2

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During my hospital career, I often worked at the nursing station processing doctors’ orders and answering the phone. Perhaps a dozen times in my career, I worked at the nursing station in maternity. Unfailingly being male, callers were surprised to hear a male voice on the phone. I did feel out-of-place although I had no patient contact.

I never learned to prepare birth certificates which could be quite complicated in dealing with spanish surnames. However, I did witness their preparation by clerks more experienced than I. There was only one type of birth certificate; there were no class A or class B or class C birth certificates depending on race or national origin. We did not inquire after whether the parents were in the US legally or not. A child born in that hospital received a birth certificate. My son was born in that hospital in 1982. I have to assume that we followed the same procedure as followed throughout the US since all hospitals everywhere follow the same US laws. There may be local variances in record keeping state by state. However, that does not alter the fact that anyone born in the US is an US citizen.

Birthers go on about being a natural-born citizen to be eligible to be president. What is the alternative to a natural-born citizen, an unnatural birth? I believe that all the commotion is a smokescreen for those opposed to Barack’s legitimate election.



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If birthers are interested in settling where President Obama was born, why not ask the present Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie? He was a friend of both Barack’s parents at the University of Hawaii when and where they met and married. He even may have visited Barack, Jr. in the hospital after his birth. I am not sure of that, but why not inquire. He should certainly know when and where the birth took place. Abercrombie was a member of the US Congress from 1986 to 1987 and again from 1991 to 2010. He assumed the governorship on December 6, 2010 and continues to serve today.

Barack Obama

Honolulu and Waikiki from top of Diamond Head.

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Born in Hawaii
Of parents disparate
Educated here and abroad
Hawaii, Indonesia, California,
New York and Massachusetts
He worked in the heartland
He organized with a heart
Then he declared his intent
To serve a greater community
Thus he serves us all today
Will his service be rewarded with success?
Only time and tide and you and I will decide.

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