October surprise

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Will there be an October surprise this year intended to affect the election? I fear there may be but it will be instigated by an Israel attack on Iran if it happens. Benjamin Netanyahu would prefer a compliant Romney as president in place of an independent Obama. His dilemma is how will US voters react to another war in the Middle East if it leads to the blocking of the Strait of Hormuz and gas shortages worldwide. Romney polls ahead of President Obama on the economy (falsely in my opinion), but Barack has a wide lead in polling on foreign affairs. US Neocons, influential during the GW Bush years, are urging Israel to attack Iran.

Promises, promises

Dome of the Rock North through Arcade

Dome of the Rock North through Arcade (Photo credit: betta design)

Mitt has just finished speaking for about 20 minutes in Jerusalem, which he recognizes as the capital of Israel. Next it is dinner with Benjamin Netanyahu and then off to Poland tomorrow. I wonder what he will promise to the Polish people?

Reportedly in London, he told the City bankers, their version of Wall Street, that he opposed financial regulation of their industry, as in Dodd-Frank. In Jerusalem, he promised Israel support if they decide to use the military option against Iran.

The crowd size in Jerusalem was about 150 hand-picked guests. Probably more security people than guests in the crowd. Mitt used two teleprompters, and it was obvious as Mitt’s head swiveled from side to side during the speech. It was almost as if he were at Wimbledon, watching a tennis match.