Mitt’s two choices

Mitt Romney - Illustration

Mitt Romney – Illustration (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Mitt Romney has two choices in this election year:

He can come clean about Bain and lose


He can continue to stonewall and lose.

Mitt wants the third option, which is to stonewall on Bain and win, but that won’t happen. In winning the governor’s race in Massachusetts, he was able to stonewall and win, but that option is not available this time. This time around, Mitt has a lot more money to spend, and he is counting on that to see him over the next four months. The last thing the country needs at this point is a repeat of Nixon’s second term where the election/re-election campaign contained events that led to the president’s resignation.

Mum’s the word

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Dave Delay)

I watched Mitt today on CNN for ten minutes denying involvement in Bain affairs after February, 1999, and attacking President Obama for questioning Mitt’s word. In my opinion, he added nothing new to our knowledge. In the opinion of some journalists who may have watched all five interviews, Mitt did not put the Bain questions to rest. He also is still refusing to release his tax returns before 2010. Mum’s the word, Mitt. He’s keeping a stiff upper lip, lower one too.

Mitt’s in trouble

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, 2008 US presidential candidate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaig...

Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaign rallies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you lie to the Federal government, you can go to jail. Was Mitt in charge of Bain in 2002 or was he not? Documents filed with the SEC say he was in charge of Bain while Mitt now claims that he retired in 1999. Originally he claimed that he took a leave of absence in 1999 to help the Salt Lake City Olympics. I think that it was all the fault of Mitt’s evil twin Willard. Willard and Mitt were raised separately and few know that there are two Willard Mitt Romneys, one going by Willard and the other by Mitt. That secret was very useful to the Romneys in that it allowed Mitt and Willard to be in two places at once. But now the truth will out. It also explains the apparent flip-flops; Mitt says one thing and Willard says another.

Mitt’s skills


Mitt-Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mitt was very successful in making and keeping money, amassing a large fortune. That is a skill that most Americans admire. Mitt knows how to make money by merging and dismembering companies, losing jobs in the process. Mitt knows how to hire and fire, especially tax advisers, tax accountants and tax lawyers who helped keep what he earned. If he didn’t know how before, he certainly knows now how to lobby for tax loopholes that will save him money. Are those really skills we want in our next president?

Bain scorecard

Me in the reflection of $20 million

Me in the reflection of $20 million (Photo credit: smith)

Both campaigns are now airing Bain commercials that are favorable to their positions. However, both only tell a portion of the story. To determine if Bain was good for America besides being good for a few individuals including Mitt Romney, we voters need a scorecard showing the results of ALL of Bain’s investments and actions. It should be broken down year by year and show jobs created and jobs destroyed. We know that Bain is still paying Mitt about $20 million per year. How much of that $20 million comes from jobs created and how much comes from jobs destroyed. Showing only part of the picture will not help voters decide in November if Mitt is good or bad for the economy.

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