Hello 2014, goodbye 2013

English: Invitation to attend the 2009 Inaugur...

English: Invitation to attend the 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2013 is almost over and it’s goodbye and good riddance. The GOP refused to accept the will of the American people in November, 2012, and continued the obstruction that began on President Obama’s inauguration day, January 20, 2009. The do-nothing Congress of 2013 was the worst in history, and we can expect even less from Congress in 2014, an election year. It is likely to be the most intense and expensive mid-term election ever, perhaps rivaling a presidential election. It also represents our last chance to end GOP obstruction while President Obama is still in office.

2014 is going to be a very political year. If the Democrats capture the House of Representatives and a super majority in the Senate, it will be possible to end the lingering effects of the Great Recession as well as enact some of the many needed reforms to start our government working again for all Americans, not just the politically well-connected.  If we fail, the price will be two more years of obstruction as well as an attempt to impeach the President. The TEA Party must go, and if the GOP will not let go of the TEA Party and they go with it, so be it.

Immigration reform

Scottish American

Scottish American (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We lure people from south of the border to work here at jobs Americans don’t want to, at wages that Americans won’t accept and then we treat them poorly. The undocumented risk death to get here and they are mistreated by some of their employers and by some police departments. They pay payroll taxes for which they do not receive benefits and their children are maligned in the media. It is a sorry chapter in our history and it is time to close that chapter. Instead of admitting them to American society, some want to create a new class of citizens, who are here legally but can’t vote. Enough. It is difficult enough and expensive enough to become an American citizen if you are here legally. Let us not make it even more difficult for those who are here without proper documentation. The sooner we admit those people to American life, the sooner they can become productive members of society and the sooner we can move on to solving other problems.

Please see Joe Arpaio

Mike Lee message

Official portrait of United States Senator Mik...

Official portrait of United States Senator Mike Lee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mike just can’t tell the truth. He vows to fight on. Too bad he is in office until 2016.

“The Washington Establishment can’t bring itself to believe that this is why Congress has a poor approval rating – because Washington doesn’t listen to the American people.  It ignores them.  And when the American people can no longer be ignored, the administration shuts down national parks, blocks veterans from going to their own memorials, uses the IRS to target certain groups, and holds hostage critical funding for cancer research, low-income women and children, veterans’ health benefits, border security, and our National Guard.”


I accuse

The red "GOP" logo used by the party...

The red “GOP” logo used by the party for its website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I accuse the Current Leadership of the GOP (CLOGOP) of knowing better when it comes to the austerity they want to impose on the country. They know that Keynesian stimulus works to boost employment and GNP. The GOP has used stimulus repeatedly in the past to win elections when they were in power, and they followed re-election with a mild recession to offset the previous stimulus. They know it works. Herbert Hoover did not know it worked, and austerity in the 1930s made the Great Depression longer and more severe.

Now the CLOGOP are using the threat of more austerity to prolong the Great Recession for political gain. They don’t care about the suffering of Americans losing homes, jobs and access to health care. They intend to punish us until we vote to return the GOP to power in Washington, DC. The Great Recession is only an inconvenience to their masters, the 1%. The stock market is at record highs, reflecting the state of mind of the 1%, who own most of the stock.


boycott usa

boycott usa (Photo credit: Karen Eliot)

What would it take to get the American people to think seriously about more effective gun control? Money? Boycotts have been especially effective in the past in effecting desired changes. What if the rest of the civilized world organized a tourist boycott against one or more American states until such time as those state(s) enacted laws to make them safer from gun violence for both visitors and residents. I think that the idea is worth consideration.