English: , spanning the Hudson River between N...

English: , spanning the Hudson River between New York City and New Jersey. New York Tower . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bridges are troublesome things; they cost money to build and will fail if not maintained. Some bridges generate controversy, such as the Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska that was to connect Ketchikan to an island where its airport is located, replacing a ferry-boat. In war, rivers form natural defensive lines and bridges across them are natural choke points for advances and retreats. An example of that was the Bridge Too Far in WW2 where the Allies tried to advance too far, too quickly and were halted by the German defenders.

The George Washington Bridge between New Jersey and New York is the latest bridge to make the news. Someone ordered two lanes of traffic on the New Jersey side closed for four days, apparently to punish the residents of Fort Lee, New Jersey, whose Democratic mayor failed to endorse Chris Christie‘s re-election bid. At this time, everyone is denying responsibility, but I expect that the forthcoming investigation will identify a culprit, who will then apologize. It may be that a Christie aide took his boss’s jest for a suggestion to act. Just as Henry 2 of England’s exasperation with the Archbishop of Canterbury led to Thomas à Becket‘s death. Pope Alexander 3 threatened to excommunicate Henry if he did not repent.

Expert testimony is that 10,000s of US bridges are badly in need of maintenance and Barack Obama has asked congress to fund a modest start. Why won’t Congress authorize needed repairs? Because bridge maintenance will generate many jobs and make the President look good. The GOP want to defer job creation until after the 2016 election which they hope to win. In the meantime, many without jobs will remain unemployed, and motorists and others risk life and limb every time they cross a bridge.

Advice to the GOP

Seal of the RNC

Seal of the RNC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Republican National Committee has just issued a report on how to reform the GOP message in order to win the presidency in 2016. They intend to reduce the number of debates and hold the national convention in June, 2016. That is a very good idea to avoid the hurricane season which disrupted both the 2008 and 2012 conventions. In addition, I would suggest that the GOP not hold their convention on the East Coast, the Gulf Coast, or south of San Francisco on the West Coast. They might even consider Alaska which never sees a hurricane or a typhoon.


Mitt Romney - Etch A Sketch - Savior of Detroit

Mitt Romney – Etch A Sketch – Savior of Detroit (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The lies of the Romney campaign fall under the category HOGWASH. If those lies were distributed evenly over the entire US, except Alaska and Hawaii, they would bury the country under an inch deep layer of lies. If Mitt‘s lies were localized to a single state such as the hog raising state of Iowa, they would be sufficient to give every hog in the state a bath every day for a year. And the end result would be the re-election of Barack Obama to another four-year term, and the cleanest pigs in the country.

Alaska bound

About half of the population of Alaska lives i...

About half of the population of Alaska lives in the Anchorage metropolitan area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The author of the Wild Bill for America videos has just relocated from Florida to an Anchorage, Alaska suburb. This morning, another conservative blog publisher has intimated a move to Alaska if President Obama is re-elected. Do you suppose that they do not know that Alaska became a state in 1959?

Iraqi oil

Offshore platform located in the Gulf of Mexic...

Offshore platform located in the Gulf of Mexico, port location Cd. Del Carmen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Iraqi oil is abundant and cheap to drill since deposits are near the surface. If supplies of petroleum exceed demand, the oil companies will maximize their profits by producing oil that is cheap to produce. That will be Iraqi oil rather oil in the US in Alaska or the Gulf of Mexico that is more costly to produce. That’s how capitalism works and the oil companies will work to maximize their profits even if that means producing oil in Iraq rather than in the US.