Religious fanatics

Occupy Grand Rapids Poster for April 14th Rall...

Occupy Grand Rapids Poster for April 14th Rally and Really Really Free Market (Photo credit: OpenSourcerer)

We have the misfortune to be living our lives in a time of religious fanaticism, and I am not just referring to Muslim terrorists. Here in the US, we live with fanaticism of the religious Right as well as the fanaticism of free market capitalists. Now I think that it is obvious that free markets can do some things better than government, but it is also true that government can do some things better than private enterprise, especially those activities that promote the common good. Our problem is that there are too many millionaires in Congress and not enough representatives of everyman and woman. Those touting privatization believe that the free market is better because it pays THEM better than government service after they leave government. Bar them from working in the private sector after government service and then see their opinions change.