English: There is a prohibition on the use of ...

English: There is a prohibition on the use of federal government funds for abortion in the United States. However, some states fund abortions out of their own revenues. State funds abortions through legislation State funds abortions under court order (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Legal abortions in the US number about 1.2 million per year and that represents a decline and a leveling off at that number. The number one reason women give for an abortion is that a child would interfere with their lives and the number two reason is that they cannot afford a child. To reduce the number of abortions in the US, we should be trying to give mothers more options for placing children with parents who can afford them or increasing the incomes of mothers so that they can afford to keep their children themselves.

Social conservatives are focused like a laser on making abortions difficult to obtain or illegal, and I have long wondered why. I now have a theory that I am going to share with you. Some social conservatives may oppose abortion for religious or moral reasons, but I believe that Republicans are opposed to abortion for political reasons. The number of whites in the US is declining both relatively and absolutely compared to other racial groups. I believe that the GOP oppose abortion primarily among educated and affluent white women because that will reduce the number of future GOP voters. I can explain the GOP single-minded focus on abortion in no other way. The GOP will lose some women’s votes due to their perceived war on women, but they continue to insist on more abortion restrictions, contrary to Roe versus Wade.

Medical waste

When he was at Bain, Mitt and Bain invested $75 million in Stericycle,

English: Waste medical films from Turkey.

English: Waste medical films from Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a medical waste disposal company. I have no quarrel with that investment because medical waste must be disposed of properly. Some corrupt companies try to dispose of waste improperly to save money. That is why medical waste sometimes washes up on our beaches.

Medical waste can and often does include aborted fetuses. Some people are opposed to abortion and include in their opposition medical waste disposal companies. Mitt profited from that investment and probably still does, if he would release his relevant tax returns.

When Somalia’s central government broke down and lost its ability to police its coast, some unscrupulous European companies started dumping waste along Somalia’s coast. It fell to Somalian fisherman to try to stop the dumping by confronting the dumpers from their small fishing boats. Thus led inevitably to charges of Somali acts of piracy and then to the real thing. One act of lawlessness can and often does lead to another, particularly if there is a weak or no central government.

Jobs, jobs, jobs

"Abortion is not Healthcare"

“Abortion is not Healthcare” (Photo credit: brunosan)

Jobs, jobs, jobs is the GOP mantra, at least in the House of Representatives. Yet if that is the case, why does the GOP spend so much time on abortion restrictions? Because they know that abortion restrictions please their base. They also know that the election in November will hinge in large part on the direction of the economy. Therefore, we can look for no actions on their part to stimulate job growth before November. A booming economy will help Barack‘s re-election, while continuing stagnation or slow growth will help Mitt Romney.

Right to life part 2

Smile, Your Mom Chose Life

Smile, Your Mom Chose Life (Photo credit: michaelwrose)

In a previous post, Right to life, I discussed my thoughts about when life begins. I don’t really have an answer to that. This time I want to discuss when the right to life ends. Does it end at birth, at becoming legally an adult, at becoming middle-aged and unemployed, at retirement or at death? Some will make a case for each possible age.

If conception implies life and a right to birth, then those who so believe owe the newborn a good start in life. Adequate nourishment, adequate healthcare, adequate and safe shelter and a start on a level-playing field education. That is a lot to owe a newborn.

Once a child attains adult status and can legally make his/her own decisions, does the right to life stop there? An adult can make all kinds of bad decisions: drive recklessly, do drugs, not purchase insurance, join the military, engage in high risk sports, etc. Do we as a society owe anything to a person who lives recklessly?

Suppose an adult makes all the right decisions, purchases insurance and lives within his/hers means. Then at some point in mid-life, a Mitt Romney or Bain Capital enters the picture and all the careful planning to date goes out the window. Jobs for the middle-aged and above are hard to find at comparable wages or just plain hard to find any job even in good times. In a recession like the present, they can be impossible to find. Should the right to life end if the unemployed can no longer contribute to his/her own sustenance?

Then how long must a worker work if we keep moving the goal posts of retirement, Social Security, and Medicare farther and farther into the future? Does the right to life end when a person can no longer feed, clothe and shelter him/herself? Is this not what we do now? The homeless and the uninsured face a short, brutal life on the streets. We know when the right to life begins, when does the right to life end?