This Fight Is Our Fight

This Fight Is Our Fight, The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class by Elizabeth Warren published in 2017. What went wrong with our economy and how to fix it. Highly recommended.

Trump must go

Government shutdown part 2

The recently ended or paused government shutdown was designed to accomplish two things: provide money for a southern wall and to demonstrate that government is unnecessary. It failed to do either. Instead it adversely affected millions of Americans directly and indirectly. Long lines at the airports as TSA personnel called in sick. No matter, the Americans affected were ordinary citizens like you and me.

That went on for 34 days with no end in sight. However, on the 35th day, ground operations at LaGuardia Airport were slowed. That fact brought out the wrath of the real rulers of America, the owners of private jets. Then and only then, the GOP hastened to re-open government.

Trump must go

Border security part 2

Inevitable Revolutions, The United States in Central America by Walter LaFeber published in 1993. When they gained their independence from Spain, the nations of Central America tried to join the young United States. They were rebuffed due to fears of upsetting the slave state/free state balance that existed before the US Civil war.

Immigration from Mexico is on the decline. Mexican labor in the US is being supplemented by laborers from Central America and refugees from the wars in the Middle East. If Trump’s Muslim ban continues and a southern border wall reduces the influx of cheap labor, where is the US to find the cheap labor we need? Perhaps it will be necessary to import contract laborers from China for periods of five to seven years. Chinese labor built western infrastructure, but the Chinese were not welcomed by the Anglo population.

Trump must go