Trump’s golf

Some are criticizing Donald Trump for playing golf so often. Trump says that he promised to play golf during his administration and he is leading from in front. He is setting an example for others to follow. In the immortal words of Calvin Coolidge, “The business of America is business and that business is golf.”


Obamacar (the Affordable Car Act) resulted from the fact that the poor of New Orleans lacked transportation to avoid Hurricane Katrina. The law was passed early in the Obama administration to purchase American made vehicles and store them in FEMA camps outside major US cities to be available in case of natural disaster. Now the Republicans want to repeal the law saying that there will be no natural disasters during a Trump administration, only man-made ones.

The Hidden Wealth of Nations

The Hidden Wealth of Nations, The Scourge of Tax Havens by Gabriel Zucman published in 2015. Zucman is French and currently teaches at UC Berkeley. In this book, he describes how tax cheaters avoid taxation and he suggests a way for the taxing authorities of the world to collect what is properly and legally due. There are registers in major countries where securities are listed with their owners. If those registers are linked creating a global financial register, then tax avoidance would be much more difficult. The US registry is maintained by a private corporation, Depository Trust Company, at 55 Water Street, New York City.

Once a global register is created, tax avoidance will become much more difficult. An additional record of derivatives and other exotic financial instruments would be required for complete coverage of all financial transactions. Countries like Luxembourg that derive much national income from servicing tax cheats would see their revenues drop. The rest of world would gain from easier policing of tax revenues that would grow to fund necessary government services. Tax cheating would be a thing of the past.

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Roger Stone

Roger Stone is not a reliable source of news. I recently read a book he authored about LBJ and the JFK assassination. While the book started with fact, it eventually veered off into hearsay and assumptions. I suppose it is possible that LBJ was involved in the assassination and he certainly benefited from JFK’s death; I would require a more reliable source of information than Roger Stone.

Roger Stone gathers some moss
A rolling stone gathers no moss
A rolling scone gathers no marmalade
Mick Jagger is no Roger Stone
But he is a Rolling Stone
And has gathered much moss.
(Moss being money)