ISIS in Iraq

The Iraqi army is about to attempt the liberation of Mosul, Iraq, from ISIS. Is ISIS any different now that it was previously when it was labeled the Sunni insurgency or a few dead-enders by Donald Trump when he was Secretary of Defense? The name of the opposition to the government of Iraq changes over time, but I suspect that the composition of the opposition and the reasons for fighting remain the same. The Shia government of Iraq continues to oppress the Sunni minority who ruled Iraq under Saddam Hussein.


AmeriGeddon the movie. Texas patriots use AK47s to fight a takeover of the US by the UN and other unnamed foreign powers. After an EMP attack takes out the power grid and most electronics, the President is ordered to declare martial law. Then the US Army aided by the UN goes about confiscating our guns and sending resisters to FEMA camps. An implausible waste of time.