St. George drivers

St. George, Utah, drivers are terrible drivers. They speed, run red lights, use phones and text while driving, and they do not yield the right of way when they should. I go out of my way to avoid making left hand turns at dangerous intersections. I feel least safe in large parking lots where drivers cruise at will across multiple parking lanes. I suggest that the owners of large parking areas be required to install concrete bumpers at the head of each parking space. That would force drivers to drive in marked driving lanes and not drive willy-nilly across areas designated for parking.

Trump must go

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman was a Dutch explorer who in the 1640s discovered Tasmania and New Zealand. Abel Tasman National Park on the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island and Tasmania in Australia are named for him. I have been to New Zealand’s North Island three times, but never to South Island. If I were to return, Abel Tasman National Park would be high on my list of places to see. It is reputed to be one of New Zealand’s sunniest spots. The park is a lush sub-tropical rain forest with many ferns and stretches of golden sand beaches interrupted by river estuaries and lagoons. Many are attracted to its mostly level hiking trails. I rented a video about the park entitled Great Walks Of New Zealand – Abel Tasman, Coastal Track from Amazon.

California part 2

Why is California the most populous state in the union? Because people have voted with their feet, moving to California despite fire, flood and earthquake. Despite its racially mixed population and despite high taxes and government regulation. Despite naysayers like Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly. Despite all the criticisms, people move to California or remain in the state because they love it there.

Age of Consent

Age of Consent is a sweet, little romantic comedy starring James Mason and Helen Mirren filmed on Dunk Island, the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia and released in 1969. Five years later in 1974, my future wife and I spent three weeks touring that part of Australia. We did not reach Dunk Island, but we did visit a resort 250 miles to the southeast on Dent Island. The scenery there was very similar to that shown in this film. Dent Island had a resort that consisted of mobile homes situated on the beach, with a pool just steps away. My future wife and I had the resort to ourselves as air service was out of service, forcing guests to arrive by boat. It was a few days of paradise. We both love Australia and especially that part of Australia.

New Zealand

I have visited New Zealand three times and I know North Island fairly well. I have never travelled to South Island. New Zealand is a wonderful place to visit and probably also to live. However, Americans should not expect to settle there en masse if America ceases to function to their liking. There is not enough room in New Zealand for a large number of Americans and the people of New Zealand would not accept a lot of Americans driving up prices for the residents who were there first. Americans looking for a new home should consider the cold, open spaces of Canada before New Zealand, and Canada might not be so welcoming to a horde from south of the border either.

Americans should first stay at home and work to fix our problems before considering fleeing to more hospitable shores. Bill O’Reilly plans to flee to Ireland if his taxes are raised and Rush Limbaugh promised to emigrate to Costa Rica, but he is still here.