God’s law

So Help Me God: The Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, and the Battle for Religious Freedom by Roy Moore with John Perry. Sharia is God’s law from the Koran as interpreted by men. Roy Moore, Republican, is a candidate for the US Senate from Alabama. He was chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and was removed twice for putting his interpretation of God’s law from the Bible ahead of his duty to obey US laws as interpreted by US courts. He swore to enforce the US and Alabama Constitutions when he was sworn into office and he then decided to violate that oath of office because of his religious convictions. He was rightly removed from office. If he is elected to the US Senate in December, I doubt that he can swear to uphold the US Constitution if he puts his interpretation of the Bible ahead of the Constitution.

Trump must go


Love thy brother

By some counts, there are 27,000 to 32,000 different denominations of Christianity. Way too many in my opinion. Also in my opinion, the true test of being a Christian is whether you love your brother as yourself or not. I believe that actions speak louder than words. If you don’t act as a Christian toward the poor and unfortunate, then you are not a Christian, no matter what you claim.

Act of God

Events can be divided into two categories, acts of God and acts of man. If we know why an event happened, it is an act of man and can be explained and be prevented in the future. Events we can’t explain are acts of Mother Nature or God and neither be predicted nor prevented.

Acts of terror are acts of man. No one thinks that they are acts of nature or of God. Therefore when an act of terror occurs, we should be seeking to understand why. Then and only then can we seek to prevent future acts of terror. Logically, we cannot kill all future terrorists before they kill. Understanding why terrorists act is the first step to reducing or preventing terrorist acts.

Not Christian

We know that some Donald Trump voters were among the deplorables. We also know that no Christians can be true to their faith if they support Donald Trump, yet reportedly 80% of Evangelical Christian voters voted for Trump. Thus we know that at most only 20% of Evangelical Christian voters were true to their Christian values.