God’s party

In Utah, Republicans are regarded as God’s party. Imagine if God threw a party and only Republicans showed up. Wouldn’t that be a dull party?

Trump must go


One man, one vote part 2

Republicans try to suppress the vote of any group of voters who they think tend to support Democratic candidates. The GOP suppresses the votes of blacks, the poor, gays, college students and Latinos. If women start supporting Democrats, women can look forward to future suppression of their votes too. The GOP believes in one man, one vote if the voter is an aging white male.

Trump must go

I voted part 2

I voted yesterday by mail; it took 5 minutes. Half the ballot was about retaining individual judges or not. Never heard of them and did not vote on them. Voted against Mitt Romney and Chris Stewart, the Republican who represents me in Congress. Voted for medical marijuana and Obamacare for Utah. Voted to abolish gerrymandering in Utah. I did not save the world, but I did my part.

Trump must go

A pig in a poke part 2

A pig in a poke
A cig in a Coke
A dig in a doke
A mig in a moke
A fig in a foke
A jig in a joke
A tig in a toke
A wig in a woke
Electing someone without political experience
To high political office
A pig in a poke
Donald Trump

To elect someone to office who has no political experience is to take a chance that he or she can succeed. In a way, it’s like buying a car with a turned back odometer, a TMU (True Mileage Undetermined) automobile. It’s taking a risk that may turn out or it may backfire. With a car, all that is at risk is the purchase price. With an election, a wrong decision puts the country at risk.

Trump must go