Stephen Miller part 2

It’s Miller time
Tastes great
Less filling
Trump’s speech writer
Bannon’s disciple
Ultra alt-right

Trump must go



Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts. Generally attributed to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, US Senator from New York from 1977 to 2001. However, not all opinions have equal validity or are worth listening to. To have worth, opinions must be backed by fact and logic. If they are not, opinions are merely personal prejudices, worth little or nothing to other people.

Trump must go


CNN is referred by some on the right as Clinton News Network or Commie News Network. In that light, it seems appropriate to refer to FOX News as TNN or Trump News Network or the Truthie News Network. Whenever the other networks are talking about the latest Trump tweet, you can be sure that TNN will be featuring the latest Clinton bombshell or scandal. I think that TNN carries more Clinton news than CNN does.

Trump must go

USS Capitol

Imagine the Capitol building in Washington, D. C., where the House and Senate meet, as a great white ship. Slowly sinking in the rising Potomac River in 2018, there will be a stream of rats deserting the sinking ship. There will be so many looking for new careers as lobbyists or scholars at conservative think tanks or pundits on FOX News that there will not be enough jobs to go around.

Trump must go.