What’s in a name?

George HW Bush
George W Bush

Gulf War 1 or Bush War 1
Afghanistan or Bush War 2
Iraq or Bush War 3

Donald J Trump

Korea or Trump War 1, or Korea War 2, or WW3


Bucket list

Yesterday, the Republicans lost bigly, but in Utah they managed to elect a Republican to the US House of Representatives to replace Jason Chaffetz who resigned earlier this year. Utah has elected Democrats in the past but since they gerrymandered the state, electing a Democrat is more difficult. I have decided to add un-gerrymandering the State of Utah to my bucket list.

Trump must go

Scott Walker part 3

Reportedly, Scott Walker plans to run for a third term as Governor of Wisconsin. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, same on me. But fool me a third time, what kind of fools do you think the voters of Wisconsin are? It is time for the voters to retake control of their state governments, and Wisconsin is a good place to start. Maybe then the GOP will be prevented from stealing any more elections. With voter suppression, I believe that the GOP stole Wisconsin for Trump.

Scott Walker
Spot stalker
Pot scrubber
Pot sticker
Boot licker
Koch brothers’ boots

Trump must go

US Senate

Here in Utah, it is rumored that Orrin Hatch will retire in 2018 and be replaced by Mitt Romney. If the Republicans have their way, direct election of US Senators will be repealed. Senators will again be elected by state legislatures and will represent the super wealthy. The US House of Representatives will continue to represent the 1%. Occasionally the President will be a Democrat and represent the 99%. At this time, the only branch of government that reliably represents the majority is the courts and the GOP is working to change that.

Trump must go

“Trump’s Sabotage Efforts A Miserable Failure As Obamacare Signups Break Record”

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“Despite Donald Trump’s efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, a record-breaking number of Americans enrolled in Obamacare insurance plans in the early days of open enrollment, a new report indicates.

According to The Hill, twice as many people signed up for Obamacare plans this year than last year during the same time period.” MORE

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