Vote fraud part 6

Republicans are all against voter fraud, except when it helps their candidate win or when they are the ones committing the voter suppression. They also ignore interference in the voting process from foreign governments when it helps them win. The GOP is very selective when it comes to opposing vote fraud.

Trump must go


Equally corrupt

Russia has always been a corrupt society under one man rule. First there were the Tsars, then the communists and now Putin. There were two, brief attempts at democracy after the Tsars and after the fall of the USSR. Both attempts failed and Russia has reverted to one man rule. Throughout it all, corruption has flourished and now Russia is exporting its criminal classes to the rest of the world.

The US began as a largely corruption free democracy. It is difficult to pinpoint the beginnings of our corruption, but I place it between 1865 and the 1890s, the end of the Civil War and the first Gilded Age. Industrial production surged in the North, great wealth was created and not shared. We are now in the midst of the second Gilded Age, where corruption is now open and brazen. I judge that Russia and the US, coming from different political origins, are now equally corrupt. Since we are still operating under a nominally democratic political system, I believe that our chances of correcting our problems are greater than they are currently in Russia. Let us start to do that by draining the swamp in Washington from top to bottom.

Trump must go

Liberal Republican

I am a liberal Republican, perhaps the last; I am not a Democrat. My ideas will find no support among the current GOP membership and I am more liberal than many Democrats. However, FDR saved the Republican Party and capitalism in the 1930s and it is now necessary to save capitalism again from its excesses and from the current wrecking crew in Washington, DC.


  • I favor universal single-payer healthcare.
  • I favor increasing Social Security benefits by 10% annually for the next 5 years.
  • I favor a guaranteed annual minimum income for all US adults.
  • I favor taxing capital gains at a higher rate than earned income.
  • I favor an estate tax of 90% after all beneficiaries receive $5 million in benefits.
  • I favor a wealth tax of 0.5% annually on all wealth above $100,000.
  • I favor increasing the Federal graduated income tax to a top rate of 70%+.
  • I favor a Robin Hood tax on all financial transactions on Wall Street.
  • And finally, I favor taxing all wealth hidden in offshore accounts by criminals and some of the 1%.

Except for hard assets such as gold, silver and diamonds, all the world’s wealth and who owns it is recorded in one of three repositories. If the governments of the world acted together, they could force those repositories to divulge their secrets, and tax avoidance could be ended. I believe that everything I support could be funded if we increase taxes modestly and tax the wealth that currently is untaxed.

Trump must go