Windy Point — Santa Catalina Mountains — Becoming is Superior to Being

Windy Point — Image by kenne Windy Point at the 6,000′ point along the highway up to Mt. Lemmon (9,200′) provides some of best views of the Tucson basin. With the monsoon season finally starting, this image shows how dynamic the clouds can be. “If someone asks a favor of me, it is because […]

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The trade deals scapegoat

It is not unfair trade deals that are hurting American workers the most, it is US government policies that direct most wage gains to the 1%. Please read this article for details.

Trump must go

Pruitt out

Scott Pruitt has resigned. Whether it was being confronted by a mother with child while eating lunch or for some other reason, an ethically challenged Pruitt is gone. Some contend we should not confront Trump officials in their private lives, but if the corporate media will not do their jobs and Trump officials ignore the will of the American people, then we the people must express ourselves to our elected officials. They represent us and we are ultimately responsible for what they do. Good riddance.

Trump must go

Hastert rule

Dennis Hastert was Speaker of the House from 1999 to 2007. He instituted the Hastert rule of not bringing a bill up for a vote unless it could pass without a single Democratic vote. He was forced to resign when he was accused of sexual abuse of student wrestlers when he was a wrestling coach in Illinois. He paid a fine and served 13 months in prison and is now free.

Recently, Jim Jordan, Representative from Ohio, has been accused of knowing about sexual abuse among his wrestlers when he was a coach and doing nothing. He violated Hastert’s second rule, don’t get caught.

Trump must go