Making a list

I have decided to make a list of the media who tell the truth in the Trump era and that I am willing to listen to. I will revise it from time to time as necessary.

  1. Christiane Amanpour
  2. Charles M. Blow
  3. Joy-Ann Reid
  4. Rachel Maddow
  5. Lawrence O’Donnell
  6. Shepard Smith
  7. Chris Hayes
  8. Eugene Robinson
  9. Paul Krugman
  10. Chris Cuomo
  11. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
  12. Michael Moore
  13. Dan Rather
  14. Ari Melber
  15. Keith Olbermann
  16. Chris Hedges

I would add myself to the list if I had a wider audience for this site. Walter Hecht,

Republican walls

Donald Trump wants to build a wall on our southern border. Good luck with that. Walls generally are unsuccessful; however Republican walls around inner cities have been remarkably successful.

The poor and minorities are kept in inner city poverty by invisible walls constructed by the prejudices of white suburban Republicans. You can’t see the walls, but they exist in the minds of the poor and oppressed as well as in the minds of the oppressors. The poor and minorities are herded together in cramped and decaying neighborhoods where they can more easily be monitored.

Please see Great Wall of China