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Tweet Donald Trump canceled a trip overseas by Nancy Pelosi, contending that her visit to Afghanistan is a mere “public relations” event. Wow! No sh**? Of course it was intended as a PR stunt. I mean, the speaker of the House wanted to visit with our troops who the commander in chief thrusts into harm’s…

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Test Driven: Ferrari 458 Italia (10/10) — Mind Over Motor

The pursuit of perfection is a perilous road, but it is a way of life at Ferrari. Some of the greatest cars of all time have come through that famous red gate at Maranello, each new model a further refinement from the last. There have, of course, been mistakes over the years, but all are […]

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US Senate

The US Senate is a problem, since it does not represent the people equally. After the 2020 election if the GOP still place party before country, we will be forced to seek a remedy. It will require a constitutional amendment and this is my suggestion.

Assign one Senator, not two, to each state while capping the Senate at 100 members. The remaining 50 Senators would be assigned to the states by population as determined by the census as is done for the House of Representatives. Currently California would receive six Senators, one plus five, Texas five, one plus four, Florida four, one plus three, and New York three, one plus two. All Senators would continue to serve six-year terms and be elected by their respective states at large, not from districts within the state. California would elect or re-elect two Senators every two years. This proposed change would not eliminate the disparity between small states and large, but it would greatly diminish it.

Trump must go

The Dream Realized: Driving My First Supercar — Mind Over Motor

This was the moment the dream was first realized. I was finally driving my first bonafide supercar! It was this bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, and I drove it on track at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas. This was also my first time on a proper race track too, so I had everything to learn. […]

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