Vlad “the Impaler” Putin part 3

Vlad the inhaler
When he smokes marijuana
Vlad the bailer
When he sails his boat
Vlad the jailer
As head of state security
Vlad the black mailer
When dealing with Donald Trump
Vlad the Impaler
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Trump must go


Vlad “the Impaler” Putin part 2

So sad
Rootin’, tootin’
Shootin’, Putin
Vlad “the Impaler”
Bearing the nickname
of Vlad Dracula
Bad Vlad
Sad Vlad
Mad Vlad
at Magnitsky Act
Richest man in the world, possibly
And can’t stash his wealth
In the US or the European Union
What’s the point of great wealth
If you can’t spend it?

Trump must go