Rowdy Audi
Mia Kia
Whoop ti do, Subaru
That’s the way a Mercedes bends
Someone bent the Bentley
Royce rolls and rolls
Jaguar snarls
Mini Mini
Fjord, Norwegian car
Dodge the Dodge
Dub the VW
Chevy ready
Shadrach Cadillac
Bummer Hummer
Saturn’s rings
Jupiter’s toes
Mercury’s nose
Plymouth rocks
Enzo Ferrari
Alfa Romeo and Juliet
Front Porsche
Walter Chrysler
Mazda zoom zoom



No hope
Not dopes
Much soap
More rope

Not enough hope
Not really dopes
Lots and lots of soap
Much hempen rope

Everyone needs hope.
Trump supporters are not dopes;
They needed hope and Trump offered it.
Trump and his surrogates lie all the time;
They should have their mouths washed out with soap.
Eventually, this will end with many necks circled by rope.

The big lie part 2

The Republican Party is the party of the big lie, so naturally, two of its biggest stars today are Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly. The rest of the GOP and the right-wing media take their cues from those two. Emulate them they will, but to equal or exceed them is not possible.

Crap map
GOP organization chart
Lies are truth
In the ears of the ignorant
War is peace
In the eyes of the deep state
Slavery is freedom
In the hearts of the masses.

Nightmare before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through Trump Tower
Not a creature was stirring
Except the President Elect
He was ranting and raving
Over the latest insult/slight
Punching the buttons to tweet
He vowed revenge on all comers.
His children all nestled in bed
Slept with visions of dollars
Dancing in their heads
How to cash in quickly
Before Dad was impeached
Was number one in their heads.