No mo’ Trump

No mo’ Trump
No mo’ lies
No mo’ FOX News
No mo’ GOP corruption
No mo’ Trump
No mo’ Trumpism

Trump must go


We are the Hechts

Sharen and Walter
Wally, Gary and Little Foo
We are the Hechts
Unrelated to Ben
Originally from Chicago
As he was
Walter too is an author now
Not nearly as famous
We can do anything
Nursing and computer programming
Round out our careers
Gary and Little Foo
Are our companions today.

Trump must go

Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross
He’s the boss
Of the Commerce Department
And a billionaire
He’s lives in a different world
From you and me
He has employees
To buy his food
To fix his meals
To clean and mend
To floss his teeth
And wipe his ass
The rich are different
He does not know
And cannot comprehend
What living from paycheck entails.

Trump must go