Overweight and overwrought

Trump is plump
Supporters are chumps
Trump on the stump
Arms waving, hair flying
Phony, false, and fictitious
Trump and Clinton trade charges
One true, one false
Media cannot/will not differentiate
Voters left to decide
Where lies the truth
Will it stand?
Will it fall?
Election day will decide
Who is the fairest of them all.

Michael Savage

Stop the Coming Civil War, My Savage Truth and  Government Zero, No Borders, No Language, No Culture both by Michael Savage. Neither book is recommended.

Michael Savage is a s*******
His words shrill and false
Everything that Michael wrote
Was a waste of time.
Bestseller or not
As judged by the NY Times
Big lot purchases
By the 1% or their minions
Don’t make a book
That is worth reading.