Donald Trump and his magic egg

Donald Trump carries his magic egg everywhere with him. It resembles a Fabergé egg and was given to him by his good friend Vlad “the impaler” Putin. It contains a cell phone and keeps track of his vital signs. It also allows the Kremlin to locate Trump within three feet and record every word and action verbally and pictorially with its three built-in cameras. It also allows Putin, Trump’s handler in the Kremlin, to put suggestions in Trump’s ear whenever questions are asked that Trump can’t answer. It was Putin’s idea to label all criticism of Trump and Russia as fake news.

Trump must go.


Trump’s latest tweets (hypothetical)

Donald Trump tweeted:

“I am a moron, but I am NOT a f****cking moron.”

“I support Rex Tillerson bigly–1000%”

“Little Rocket Man has smaller hands than my small hands.”

“I will send Rex Tillerson to North Korea to kiss Little Rocket Man’s behind.”

Kneeling NFL players disrespect America, our flag, the national anthem and ME.”



Tuacahn is an open-air amphitheater and attached performing arts high school where Broadway plays are presented under the stars in the warm months of late June through September, usually to sold-out crowds. We have attended several performances and have enjoyed all of them. Just for fun, I decided to write a cheer for the high school students to use at sporting events.

All good students go to Heaven
When they get there, they repeat
Tuacahn, Tuacahn can’t be beat.