Donald Trump is now describing the US Naval task force that he sent to Korean waters as an armada. I wonder where he learned that new word, a new word for him? His military advisers would not being using it. Perhaps he learned it from Sean Spicer? When he has such a small vocabulary, a new word added is a big deal. Bigly.

There is

There is
A lemon in Yemen
A lime in slime
An orange in Orange County
There are
Stars in the sky
Stars in the zodiac
Pears in Paris
Buns in London
Dollars in the mint
No sense in Washington
Prunes in the lagoon
Mares in the mar
Chiefs in Kansas City
Indians in Cleveland
Redskins in Washington
Braves in Atlanta
Squaws in Congress
Traitors in power
Thieves on Wall Street
Empty stores on Main Street
Homeless on the streets
Hungry malnourished Americans
Fat and happy defense contractors
Liars on the news
Liars richly rewarded to lie
Ignorant voters
Racist citizens
Trump voters
There is
No more
This is the end.