Gut check

Donald Trump makes some decisions by relying on his gut rather than the advice of his advisors. I don’t hate his guts. However, I have an intense dislike of his intestines.

Trump must go


Naming rights

To reduce the deficit and balance the budget without new taxes, I expect that Donald Trump and the Republicans will start to sell naming rights on Washington landmarks. Expect to see the Washington Mutual Monument, the White Castle House and the Capital Bank Capitol. Why stop with Washington? In San Francisco, we could see the Golden West Gate. Our national parks could also start bearing corporate logos, Apple Yosemite, Microsoft Grand Canyon, and an undertaker’s name funeral home Death Valley.

Events, too, will start to bear corporate logos. The Goldman Sachs Great Recession 2, and wars of liberation such as the Halliburton War in Iraq and the Koch Industries War with Iran. Give them the idea and just watch the GOP run with it. They’ll balance the budget in no time.

Trump must go

Vlad “the Impaler” Putin part 2

So sad
Rootin’, tootin’
Shootin’, Putin
Vlad “the Impaler”
Bearing the nickname
of Vlad Dracula
Bad Vlad
Sad Vlad
Mad Vlad
at Magnitsky Act
Richest man in the world, possibly
And can’t stash his wealth
In the US or the European Union
What’s the point of great wealth
If you can’t spend it?

Trump must go