By the numbers part 2

The Trump administration, by the numbers:

3 ring circus

No ringmaster

5 alarm fire

4 horsemen

Category 5 hurricane

Force 6 wind

8.0 earthquake

20 feet high tsunami

16+ members in contact with the Russians

Trump must go



The little orange  men with green hair in the movie Willy Wonka are actually the children of Donald Trump and a woman from Mars. They have his complexion and her stature and green hair. Martian women reproduce by laying a batch of eggs numbering 12 to 15 at a time. Trump had an affair with her during his first marriage. The story was scheduled to run in the National Enquirer, but Trump paid hush money to silence the story.

Trump must go

Trade war with China

Donald Trump has just negotiated a 90-day truce in his trade war with China. He claims that it is the greatest trade war truce ever, involving the most costly goods and services ever. Actually, his truce is a sign of failure, denoting his inability to negotiate his way out of a paper bag, let alone a trade deal with a country of our economic size and power.

Trump must go