Trump’s golf

Some are criticizing Donald Trump for playing golf so often. Trump says that he promised to play golf during his administration and he is leading from in front. He is setting an example for others to follow. In the immortal words of Calvin Coolidge, “The business of America is business and that business is golf.”


Obamacar (the Affordable Car Act) resulted from the fact that the poor of New Orleans lacked transportation to avoid Hurricane Katrina. The law was passed early in the Obama administration to purchase American made vehicles and store them in FEMA camps outside major US cities to be available in case of natural disaster. Now the Republicans want to repeal the law saying that there will be no natural disasters during a Trump administration, only man-made ones.

Cowboy coincidences

I collect coincidences and share them when I find them interesting. I was just researching Tom Mix and Will Rogers and I noted the following coincidences. Both men appeared in films portraying cowboys. Will Rogers was 1/4 Native American and was born one year earlier than Mix (1879 to 1880). Both men died in accidents involving forms of transportation (Rogers in 1935 in an airplane crash and Mix in 1940 in a car crash). Rogers died in Alaska and Mix in Arizona (both states start with “A.” Both men have stars on the Hollywood walk of fame. Route 66 is known as the Will Rogers Highway. Will Rogers was the mayor of Beverly Hills for a short time.

Personally, my first visit to Los Angeles in 1963 included a drive on Wilshire Boulevard from downtown to Santa Monica where I saw the Pacific for the first time. That was a few blocks from the monument marking the beginning or the end of route 66 which started or ended in Chicago at Lake Michigan. It traversed the Loop on Jackson Boulevard where I had my first paid summer employment in 1959. I have also enjoyed Will Rogers State Beach in Southern California just north of Los Angeles. Will Rogers owned the property before his death and used it as a ranch.