FOX and Friends part 2

3 dolts on a divan
3 stooges on a stool
3 louts on a lounger
3 bozos in a clown car
3 jokers on a junket
3 idiots on a stage
FOX and Friends

Trump must go


EF Mutton

EF Hutton was and is a brokerage firm that has gone through many transformations. It was a power in the 1970s and 1980s with its motto, “When EF Hutton talks, people listen.” I used to joke that when EF Mutton speaks, sheep listen. Today, EF Mutton, Donald Trump, is gaslighting the American public about the Inspector General’s report on the FBI. His supporters, sheep, are listening and his supporting talking heads will repeat his lies ad infinitum.

Trump must go

Freudian slip part 2

Yesterday on FOX and Friends, Abby Huntsman made a Freudian slip and called the meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un a meeting of two dictators. She will be lucky to keep her job on FOX. (If you call that lucky).

Another definition of a Freudian slip is the woman’s undergarment that Sigmund, a famous cross-dresser, sometimes wore.

Trump must go