Medicare for all

Republicans plan to repeal Obamacare and eventually repeal Medicare too. I favor Medicare for all. I have experienced insurance hell and Medicare both, and I much prefer the simplicity of Medicare. Under the current system, a taxpayer pays Medicare taxes until age 65 and then enjoys the benefits of Medicare until death. Under Medicare for all, everyone would enjoy Medicare benefits at any age, even before paying any Medicare taxes. Is that right and fair? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. However, I think that healthcare is a right, a human right, and that a healthy nation would benefit all of us.

Under the current system, the poor defer healthcare because they cannot afford insurance and lack the money to pay for a healthy diet. If Medicare for all existed, the poor might not defer seeking help when they need it. I think that healthcare delivered sooner would be cheaper in the long run than healthcare deferred. Certainly it would lead to a healthier nation, an outcome to be desired by all thinking people.

Proposition 61 part 2

California Proposition 61, Drug Price Standards Initiative lost in the recent election by a margin of 54 to 46%. Recently I asked a California doctor friend about why the proposition had failed. As a doctor, he is of course very bright, but he is not politically well-informed. I think that he voted for Trump. He told me that he could not understand the proposition; I think that was a cop-out. The proposition was a small, opening attempt to regulate a few drug prices on the margin. It is my understanding that big pharma spent $100 million plus to defeat the proposed law.

It’s the lead

Why do some people support Donald Trump against all reason? It’s the lead in the water, reducing IQ.

Part of the reason for the fall of the Roman Empire was that women at that time used lead in their cosmetics.

We formerly used lead in our paints and in our gasolines. Although lead has been phased out of those products, older neighborhoods still retain some lead in the environment. Lead is still found in the pipes that distribute drinking water in many cities. It’s the lead that is affecting the thinking of some Trump supporters.

Zika virus

The Zika virus is an early manifestation of climate change. As the oceans rise along with global average temperatures, tropical diseases will move north from the equator in the northern hemisphere. Droughts and floods will occur. Republicans will continue to deny climate change and its attendant consequences, but will seek Federal assistance for natural calamities if they occur in their district.