John McCain’s cancer is one associated with exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. It is usually fatal within 18 months of diagnosis, even with the best medical care. The US government is reluctant to admit the link between Agent Orange and the illness. What is our responsibility to the people of Vietnam exposed to that chemical? During the war, we exposed millions of innocent people to Agent Orange and then we exited the country, leaving the survivors to cope. And we did the same thing in Iraq with depleted uranium munitions. Piece by piece, country by country, war by war, the US is destroying the world with our wars. I say it is time to stop the fighting and settle our differences in a civilized way.


Healthcare costs

All these numbers are approximate.

We pay, my wife and I, $200.00/month for Medicare. We also pay $250.00/month for supplemental insurance. We recently signed up for drug coverage and since we did not sign up when the coverage was first offered, we pay $100.00/month.

I have high confidence that Medicare will pay since it is a government, non-profit service. I have less confidence in the supplemental insurer which is for profit and will probably pay as little as possible when we have a claim. The drug coverage is also through a for profit company. I currently pay more for the coverage than I am saving in my prescription costs.

More Human

More Human, Designing a World Where People Come First by Steve Hilton published in 2016.

“Health care is a human right. It is essential for human dignity and necessary for society to function, making its common provision both a public good and good public policy. In the UK the National Health Service(NHS) is politically inviolable, a settled part of British society. We Brits are rightly proud of the idea of the NHS. Donald Trump once said that his policy on Obamacare was to replace with ‘something terrific’; I think it’s pretty terrific that in Britain everyone can receive health care as a right, based on their medical need and not their ability to pay”

Steve Hilton now has a weekly show on FOX News entitled The Next Revolution at 9:00 pm EDT on Sundays. I have not yet seen the show, but based on the book, it may be worth viewing.