Dental costs

The cost of dental care in the US is high and rising. I recently needed a root canal and a new crown to replace one that had fallen off. I do not have dental insurance, so my dentist and I negotiated a price. My tale of woe was living on a fixed income and his included some of the items mentioned in the attached article. We settled on a figure I could live with and my immediate problem was solved. It’s too bad that the US healthcare system does not provide adequate care for the millions who need it but cannot afford it.

Trump must go



I haven’t posted since Sunday because I was hospitalized for shortness of breath. I underwent a procedure called thoracentesis which entails a long needle into the affected lung to draw off fluid. The doctor withdrew about three liters of fluid which indicated a possible infection. Now I am home and taking daily antibiotics to combat the infection. The procedure made breathing easier and has left my chest sore. The fluid collected in the right lower lobe of my lungs which is the usually spot. The procedure took only about ten minutes and was largely painless. I am going to cross it off my bucket list.

Trump must go


Dreamland, The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones published in 2015. Opiates are prescribed legally for pain. From opiates which are addictive, users move on to heroin which arrives mostly from growers in Mexico. The drugs are smuggled into the US in vehicles crossing at legal checkpoints and concealed in goods imported legally. Some is imported through tunnels. Walls will not stop the tide of drugs.

Trump must go