It’s the lead

Why do some people support Donald Trump against all reason? It’s the lead in the water, reducing IQ.

Part of the reason for the fall of the Roman Empire was that women at that time used lead in their cosmetics.

We formerly used lead in our paints and in our gasolines. Although lead has been phased out of those products, older neighborhoods still retain some lead in the environment. Lead is still found in the pipes that distribute drinking water in many cities. It’s the lead that is affecting the thinking of some Trump supporters.

Zika virus

The Zika virus is an early manifestation of climate change. As the oceans rise along with global average temperatures, tropical diseases will move north from the equator in the northern hemisphere. Droughts and floods will occur. Republicans will continue to deny climate change and its attendant consequences, but will seek Federal assistance for natural calamities if they occur in their district.

Repeal and replace

Paul Ryan has finally unveiled the Republican version of a healthcare law designed to replace Obamacare after the GOP have repealed the Affordable Care Act. Rather than focusing on Obamacare if the GOP are serious about saving lives and giving everyone a right to life, they should be advocating repealing and replacing the second amendment to the US Constitution. Gun violence in the US costs 10,000s of lives annually that could be saved by stricter gun laws. Why do the GOP not care? Profits for their backers and fear in the hearts and minds of the voters who are induced by fear to vote Republican.

The golden rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. How many of us practice the golden rule in our daily lives?

I was born into a white family and lived my early years in a whites-only, middle-class Chicago suburb. My parents expressed their prejudices to my sister and me. We were expected to associate with certain people and to avoid others. I gave little thought about my thoughts and behavior until I entered the healthcare profession in my late 40s. There I found myself in contact with all sorts of people, some of whom I had been taught to avoid. What to do?

Giving it some thought, I decided to treat everyone equally, to do to them as I would wish to be treated if our positions were reversed. I found that that decision made my life much easier as I then did not need to evaluate each patient as to their social and economic status. I could concentrate on the simple act of care giving, rather trying to tailor my demeanor and actions to the perceived status of my patients. Later in my career, I observed some doctors tailoring their response to the perceived importance of their clients and it disturbed me.

My treatment of my patients was noticed by my supervisors and led to compliments on my work. Often I was told that a VIP patient was expected and that I would be his/her caregiver. I met many of the rich and famous that way. I also found satisfaction in giving the same care to everyone, rich or poor, white or minority, US citizen or undocumented.