Don’t eat pork

A goodly portion of American pork slaughter houses are already foreign-owned. Allowing the proposed changes to go into effect will make pork production more profitable, at the expense of American consumers.

Trump must go


St. George drivers

St. George, Utah, drivers are terrible drivers. They speed, run red lights, use phones and text while driving, and they do not yield the right of way when they should. I go out of my way to avoid making left hand turns at dangerous intersections. I feel least safe in large parking lots where drivers cruise at will across multiple parking lanes. I suggest that the owners of large parking areas be required to install concrete bumpers at the head of each parking space. That would force drivers to drive in marked driving lanes and not drive willy-nilly across areas designated for parking.

Trump must go


As we age, our body chemistry changes and body odor changes to that of an old person. Soap and water are not effective in removing the smell. However, drinking green tea or bathing with a soap containing an extract of persimmon is effective. I know because I used the soap today and it works. A hockey puck sized and shaped bar costs about $17.50 with shipping, but it works. It is so nice, and relatively rare, today to find a product that does what it claims. I found mine at this site.

Trump must go


Are you pro-life and want to reduce the number of abortions, particularly among the poor? Children are expensive. Some abortions are performed because the mothers cannot afford to raise a child. Therefore, I suggest you support a guaranteed annual income so that the number of poor is drastically reduced. Less poverty will lead to fewer abortions, IMHO.

Trump must go


I care for Medicare
You care for Medicare
They care for Medicare
We all care for Medicare
Except for Medicare for all
Which is the Medicare
That would offer mental health care
To all who need it and
Can’t afford it.

Addressing mental health issues that lead to mass shootings is the most expensive way to address our gun problems, and probably not the most effective way. Less expensive and more effective would be repeal of the 2nd Amendment. Least effective and cheapest is extending thoughts and prayers after each and every shooting event.

Trump must go