Medicare part D

My wife and I avoid taking prescription drugs as much as possible. We delayed signing up for Medicare part D until I needed to start taking medication for high blood pressure. Our combined premium was about $110.00/month. After one year, we decided to drop coverage and pay for my prescription out-of-pocket. We had been paying $4.00 for a 90 day supply. That jumped to $202.00 for a drug my wife, a retired nurse, described as a generic and as cheap as dirt. Fortunately, I had a free, discount drug card in my wallet, which I used to bring the drug price down to $42.00. I was happy to pay $42.00 rather than $202.00 even though $42.00 is ten times what I had been paying when I had insurance. I would much rather pay $42.00 every three months than the insurance premium of $110.00/month. Drug companies are ripping us off as are the health insurers.

Trump must go.


Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project appears to be a worthwhile charity. However, isn’t this what we pay taxes to support? If our government can afford to put our military in harm’s way, then our government is morally obligated to care for wounded veterans after their service. Our does our government no longer have a moral purpose?


John McCain’s cancer is one associated with exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. It is usually fatal within 18 months of diagnosis, even with the best medical care. The US government is reluctant to admit the link between Agent Orange and the illness. What is our responsibility to the people of Vietnam exposed to that chemical? During the war, we exposed millions of innocent people to Agent Orange and then we exited the country, leaving the survivors to cope. And we did the same thing in Iraq with depleted uranium munitions. Piece by piece, country by country, war by war, the US is destroying the world with our wars. I say it is time to stop the fighting and settle our differences in a civilized way.